– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Today marked a huge step forward in genre filmmaking when the superhero film Logan was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. This is a film that was something of a critical darling upon its release, and even then, many fans were hoping that the film would get some sort of Oscar consideration.

Earlier this morning, the Academy Awards revealed their nominations, and there in black-and-white was Logan, nominated for the work done by James Mangold, Michael Green, and Scott Frank.

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In response to this nomination, Logan star Hugh Jackman sent out a congratulatory tweet, saying:

This is a pretty big deal. For years, comic book movies (and genre films in general) have been fighting for validation by awards organization. Back in 2009, The Dark Knight was snubbed for Best Picture, which led to the Academy changing their rules to allow up to 10 films nominated for the award.

However, not a lot changed. Rather than expand their horizons with more genre films, they had a tendency to nominate more stereotypical Oscar fare movies. As such, this nomination for Logan, while only one nomination, is a huge step forward to organizations understanding just how important and well-made these films have become.

How do you feel about Logan being nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Hugh Jackman

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I guess that’s the best that could happen. I wonder how many feminists are going to say that this should have went to Wonder Woman.
    I still think Jackman should have gotten a nod as well, as he has played that character for years and have a final send out. Kind of like how the Academy threw every award at LOTR. Not that it didn’t deserve it for what it did, but it would have been a nice gesture. I think he did a way better job than cry baby McGee did in Get Out.

    • Aaron James

      To answer you question: 22.256% of feminists are saying that Wonder Woman should have gotten the nod, along with 23.87777*% non-feminists who just really love the movie.

    • Leftmouse

      Unnecessary to take a swipe at feminists. Its a broad church with many opinions.
      I cant imagine many people could argue that Wonder Woman was a better screenplay than Logan. If… we are to take a mature look at the reasons.

    • donzai

      only thing meaner than a vegan is a feminist.

      • Brafdorf

        Only thing dumber than this comment? Not much

        • donzai

          did you ever have a feminist ‘scold’ you for using the words pussy or douchebag? lmfao. if you did, you would realize how elitist they are. me, i do not need to be a feminist, because i treat everyone equal. when i told the feminist this, she said, ‘that is not good enough…’ only thing meaner than a vegan is a feminist indeed.

          • Brafdorf

            You sound the same as those you have a problem with.

          • donzai

            lol nah! its just a joke i say, and its proven when peeps like you get annoyed. again i treat everyone equally. i did not mention wonder woman, someone else did. but one thing i hate is ‘trigger words’ feminist, conservative-liberal, left-or-right, etc. those words are spoken just to get a ‘reaction’ out of people like yourself. me i laugh at them. its like how that kunt natalie portman shit on del toro when he won an award. some rich nyc chick shitting on an actual creator. thats funny to me she could get away with it.

          • Brafdorf

            Well congrats on your shit joke I guess.

          • donzai

            lmfao. regular people love the joke. feminists or vegans should learn how to laugh again. thats part of the problem.

    • TheEnabler


      • Kindofabigdeal

        Your momma’s a neck beard.

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