– by Nick Doll

It looks like Steven Spielberg will indeed be shooting Indiana Jones 5 as his next project, per the sources from The Hollywood Reporter.

Though it was rumored last Friday that Indy 5 was likely his next project, followed by Spielberg’s passion project, a remake of West Side Story, there was no timetable presented. Now, there is — well, at least a rumored one!

Spielberg may be in the process of casting West Side Story, but the outlet insists Spielberg will begin filming Indiana Jones 5 first. The film has had a release window in 2020 for almost as long as Disney has owned Lucasfilm, but only now are we getting reports that sources have said Indy 5 will shoot in 2019 to make that 2020 release date.

The thought is that a lot of time and care needs to go into casting four strong leads who can sing for West Side Story, so this would be a more drawn-out process, allowing Spielberg to shoot Indiana Jones 5 while casting is still underway, likely shooting the films fairly back to back like Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List, both released in 1993, or Ready Player One and The Post which were both shot in 2017.

Little is known about Indiana Jones 5 at this time, aside from the fact that Spielberg is starring, Harrison Ford is absolutely the only choice for Indiana Jones, and David Koepp penned the screenplay.

If you want to know how excited I am about this development, just read this week’s Breaking Geek, where I express the need for Spielberg to direct Indy 5 next, which now looks like it is a reality!

Are you excited for Indiana Jones 5? Or would you rather see West Side Story first, or have Spielberg focus on even more historical dramas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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