Indy 5 Trailer Leaks Online – Could We Get An Official Trailer Soon?

James Mangold, Indy 5 director confirms the flashback cold open that has long been speculated for the movie

The Indy 5 trailer has leaked online, and I’ve seen it. For now the quality isn’t great, as such I struggled to even comprehend what dialogue was being spoken by the actors. However despite the poor quality the Indiana Jones 5 teaser trailer looks to be in… good shape. This then begs the question, how long before Disney decides to release this officially online?

Usually when a trailer leaks it pushes the studio to release the video fully. Not always, but it’s something we have seen happen in the past. For now anywhere that leaked trailer shows up, it is being deleted by Disney/Lucasfilm. However as I’m sure everyone knows, once something has been on the internet, you can never fully delete it. As such various mirrors of that initial leak have been continually resurfacing over the last 24 hours.

As for what the trailer shows? Well without better quality it’s not easy to get a read. There are a few things we can at least confirm, though likely you’ve heard all this before.

For start there is still no title in the trailer, so for now we can only refer to it as Indy 5. The trailer focuses on Harrison Ford as you’d guess and on first glance things are looking good. We also can confirm that as per BTS images shared during filming, Ford appears as a de-aged version of Indy. In at least one scene young Indy is wearing a Nazi uniform. The only line I can discern is Indy telling Sallah (John Rhys Davies) that “those days are come and gone”, to which Sallah replies, “perhaps, perhaps not?”.

I’ve read what others have posted online for the dialogue though and there’s nothing spoilery in there folks.

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Some rumors around Indy 5 have been around the potential for time travel. So far there is nothing in this trailer which rules that idea out. In fact, if anything it might lend more credence to those rumors. Though, I would not like to speculate too much. Not until I see  good quality version and can hear all the dialogue voice overs for myself. However the overwhelming thoughts I am seeing from fellow leaked trailer watchers is positive. Like most, I think this is starting to look great.

Of course, the trailers for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull looked great too, and that film wasn’t the best. I really don’t need Indy 5 to compete with Raiders for the best Indy movie, but at least hope the next movie is superior to the last one. I have a feeling, perhaps it’s wild hope, that it will be.

As you’d guess I cannot share any links to the footage. It would be removed the second I published and we’d get into trouble off Disney, again. However if I was able to find it online, so can you. One warning though, it may be best to wait for the official trailer. As said, I don’t think it will be long now, plus I have seen some fans regret watching it in poor quality instead of waiting for it to drop legitimately.

I hope Lucasfilm decides to just drop this officially to stop people from viewing the poor quality version. However that may depend on how well Disney contains the leaked footage and what their current plans are for the trailer to drop officially?

So, the Indy 5 trailer has leaked online and I’ve seen it. Have you seen it yet? If so what did you think of what you saw? Are you excited to see Indiana Jones 5? As always, leave any thoughts you have below.

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