– by Campbell Clark

As we await the official release date of AMC’s Into The Badlands Season 3, the studio has started promoting the upcoming show, beginning with the Season 3 trailer which we shared with you HERE.

Now we have a behind the scenes promotional video showcasing some of the new characters for the upcoming Season. It’s not surprising the showrunners are having to introduce some new antagonists given how the events of Season 2 played out (no spoilers from me here, sorry).

The video shows some footage of four new characters with some actor’s commentary on their new roles. The characters in question are Pilgrim and Cressida, who appear to be missionaries from Azra the mythical city that formed much of the subplots of Season 1 and 2. But as this is Into the Badlands, Pilgrim looks like he can kick some serious ass and if that wasn’t enough he has a couple of warriors backing him up in Nix and Caster, a fighting duo who are clearly sporting the blackened eyes which show they have the same ‘gift’ MK has.

It certainly seems that Sunny, MK and The Widow will have their work cut out for them stopping the wave of religious domination that Pilgrim and Cressida are planning. I’m intrigued to see how the main players all fit around this new threat.

You can check the video for yourself here, though it is not available in certain regions. Yep, that sucks, but what’s a writer to do.

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