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The huge Netflix hit, DAREDEVIL, is set to return with a second season on March 18 2016. Along with the titular hero, we’ll also be getting introductions to Jon Bernthal’s Punisher and Elodie Yung’s deadly Elektra.

Yung recently conducted an interview with Comic Book Resources where she discussed what brought her to the character, as well as some of her preparation for the role. Some highlights from the interview showcase the monumental tasks ahead of her since taking on this role. She is going to need to not only embody the physical aspects of the character, but also find a way to connect with audiences on an emotional level so they truly can believe this is the Elektra that Matt Murdock is so conflicted over.

When asked about the stunt work and how it pushed Elodie out of her comfort zone, the actress revealed information on how the process of fight scenes work for the show:

“Basically you do all the talking scenes during the week, and then comes the last day of the episode on the shooting schedule, and this is the action scenes. This is when the stunt coordinators for the stunts present the choreography to use. We’ve never seen the choreography before, and we had to learn it on the day, literally. That was really challenging, but you just have to suck it up and do it. They show you five moves at a time, and you do it. Then, five more moves, and you do it.”

To prepare for the role Elodie explained she went straight to the source and read up on some of the more major comic book storylines involving Eletrka, including “Elektra: Assassin”, and Frank Miller’s “The Elektra Saga”. Thanks to reading the stories, Yung was able to get a better grasp on some of the subtle nuances of the character along with aspects that really made Elektra tick.

“I think it’s in the second book of “The Elektra Saga,” that [Frank] Miller and [Klaus] Janson did — when she meets Daredevil again, then she cries. To me, it was very important to read that and to bring this in the character we were building, because the writers, they wanted her to be a sociopath. And what is a sociopath? It is someone who’s cold. Someone that can’t attach herself to any other people. Obviously, when you read the comics, it’s not true.”

Elektra comic

Elodie goes on to confirm that when we first meet Elektra she won’t be wearing the iconic red bikini, in fact she won’t be wearing the outfit at all, but instead the show has come up with a very true to source costume while keeping the character grounded within the shows reality.

“I think what they tried to do — and I think they did it brilliantly in this show — was trying to capture also this essence with the costume — of course, we couldn’t have a red bikini. You couldn’t have me running on rooftops in New York in the middle of winter in a red bikini. That would not make sense for this show. I would probably have died–.”

The three stars in costume, Jon Bernthal, Charlie Cox, and Elodie Yung

The three stars in costume, Jon Bernthal, Charlie Cox, and Elodie Yung

Mostly what’s important for Elodie Yung is getting a chance to play a deep and emotionally diverse character. She wants writers to continue to keep pushing for more strong female characters that represent all types of women going through different struggles and showcasing vast personalities. As the star stated:

“We just want to tell the story of these women who are going through problems in their lives, and they don’t need to be these badass girls. That’s one type of women, and I want to play them all. It’s just important that the female characters are less and less the girlfriend of the main character.”

All thirteen episodes of “Daredevil” Season 2 arrive Friday, March 18 on Netflix.

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