– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now officially in the books, and while there are many fans out there who wish we got more reveals for DIFFERENT games outside of Smash, it’s fair to say that the details revealed in the show were relatively positive. In addition to the Belmont reveals, director Masahiro Sakurai gave us actual figures on just how many stages and tracks there would be…but what else isn’t he telling us?

As one would expect from Nintendo fans, the tinfoil hats are out, and speculation has been rampant about who we can expect. Let’s take a look at a couple potential characters inferred by Twitter user RelaxAlax. As you can see in his tweet down below, he seems to think there is a trio of Majora’s Mask characters on the way.

For starters, if you look at the chairs, they are the same color as characters Tatl and Tael, the two mischievous fairies who assist the Skull Kid in robbing Link of his prized Ocarina at the beginning of the game. And speaking of Skull Kid, RelaxAlax also noticed that the pillows in the background of the Direct looked surprisingly Skull Kid-ish in their color scheme. Could he be another character?

The next theory is my favorite, and potentially the most farfetched. Sakurai himself posted an image from the game on Twitter that showed Link and Marth (At least I think Marth…I can’t tell those Fire Emblem characters apart) taking on the creature from Monster Hunter. Some noticed that the way the characters were arranged was very reminiscent of the battle setup in the Game Boy Advance classic JRPG game, Golden Sun.

Some take this to believe that Isaac, the lead of that first game in the franchise, will be one of the many other characters set to join the fray. As a huge fan of those games, I’d love to see that happen, but good lord, does it seem like a stretch.

What do you think of these theories? Do you buy any of them? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Sora Sakurai, RelaxAlax

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