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Writer and director John Francis Daley has certainly come a long way since popped onto the small screen in the show Freaks and Geeks. Since then, he’s gone on to act in countless TV series, but has really made his mark as a writer and now director of such movie as Horrible Bosses and Game Night. But, of course, we can’t forget that he’s working on another big movie: The Flash…or Flashpoint…or whatever the hell it ends up being.

That movie has been one giant rollercoaster ride ever since it was first announced. Directors have cycled in an out of it, and at one point, it was revealed that it would be a Flashpoint film…but all talks of that have seemingly dissipated, and last we heard, actor Ezra Miller and comic book writer Grant Morrison were writing a draft for the Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley-helmed movie…but where are things at?

Admittedly, we didn’t get a whole lot of insight, but at a Freaks and Geeks panel at C2E2 in Chicago Illinois, Daley was asked which Infinity Gem he would use if given the chance. Yeah, I know, it’s a fluffy question, but his answer was interesting.

“Time is just too much to deal with,” he said in response to the question, referring to the Time Gem. “We’re working on a time travel now, and it’s a lot.”

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He didn’t confirm it (and the moderator didn’t press him), but it did seem to hint at his work on the upcoming Flash film for the DCEU. Looking at his upcoming slate of movies, The Flash is the only one that I could imagine involving time travel. So, with that in mind…what does this mean? Well, it could mean that he’s still involved in some way with the draft that Miller and Morrison are cranking out (which would make sense, as he’s a co-director).

With that in mind, it sounds an awful lot like a Flashpoint movie is indeed the direction they could be taking things (though, I suppose there are plenty of other storylines that can involve time travel). It is a bit surprising though, as it sounded like the darker vision Miller and Morrison have is clashing with the lighter Goldstein and Daley one. It’s also worth remembering that when that report came out regarding Miller working on a script, it was stated that a script could be turned in this past week for approval…so we’ll see how all this shakes out.

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