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I guess the title of the next Halo game being released on Xbox has confused some fans, with some wondering why the game is called Halo: Infinite and not Just Halo 6 or Halo 6: Infinite, which fits more with the previous game, Halo 5: Guardians. There was never any doubt in my mind from the initial announcement, that this game was going to be Halo 6 in everything but name and carry on the story that began in Halo 4.

Now Jeff Easterling from 343, the games studio owned by Microsoft that make the new Halo games has decided to clarify that fans should see Halo: Infinite as Halo 6. Here is what Easterling said in a mixer broadcast as reported by Gamespot.

“You should just consider it Halo 6. Don’t think of it as a weird prequel kind of thing, it’s the next story. It’s the next chapter of what is going on.”

The outlet also reported on previous comments from 343 about how they are “making changes to how we approach things” and, hoping to take players in “new and unexpected directions”.

It has also been confirmed that Halo: Infinite will focus more on lead character Master Chief, which was not the case in the last game. A second team led by Agent Locke (Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter) took up the largest proportion of the gameplay and story in Halo 5: Guardians and this was not well received.

For me, the main problem with Halo 5 was the story presented. Given the Halo universe carried on in book format, there were far more exciting stories to tell here beyond those 343 have dreamed up so far for this sequel trilogy. Halo 4 seemed initially like it was going in an exciting direction, and then Halo 5 hits shelves and for me, just failed to deliver. For some reason the guys at 343 decided to focus this story on Cortana (Master Chief’s AI program that spends much of her time in the Chief’s head) going bad and trying to control all other AI and take over all the weaponry and equipment of the Forerunners (A now extinct alien species far more technologically advanced than Humans currently are).

I genuinely don’t know where they will go next, but I know I am less invested in this story than I was in the first three Halo games made by Bungie along with several of the companion novels. One set of novels (The Forerunner Trilogy) was released around the time of Halo 4 and basically told the story of that games main villain and how he went a bit crazy and had to be locked up by his own wife. These novels also explored what happened between Humanity and the Forerunners in the distant past when they fought an enemy called The Flood and ended up in a war with one another as a result. These novels also revealed that there was a far older species out there in another Galaxy called the Precursors, seemingly wiser and more sinister than the Forerunners and it was this race who created The Flood. I guess many fans like me expected Halo 5 to take things in that direction and instead they just seemed to change their minds and go with the narrative of out of control AI.

I’m not convinced Halo: Infinite is going to satisfy the story junkie in me, no matter how good the gameplay is. In fact, I am more excited about the upcoming Halo TV show from Showtime, in all honesty.

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Halo: Infinite will release sometime in 2019 with more concrete details to follow we are sure. Let us know what you think of the Halo series in the usual place below, were you as disappointed in the story of Halo 5 as I was?

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SOURCE: Gamespot