– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Just yesterday, I was thinking to myself, “Damn, I wonder if we’ve seen the last of Jack Nicholson?” Not even sure why he was on my mind, honestly. But I was thinking about the legendary actor, and it had dawned on me that he may have quietly retired since he hasn’t made a movie in seven years, and has only appeared in three movies in the last ten. 

I guess the universe heard me, because Variety has just revealed that Nicholson is joining Kristen Wiig in an American remake of the 2016 German hit Toni Erdmann

The original comedy, Toni Erdmann, tells the story of a father that’s quite a joker (something Nicholson is familiar with. AHEM!), who creates an alter ego named Toni and pretends to be his daughter’s boss’s life coach all in an attempt to reconnect with her. The film was a big hit in Germany and is up for an Academy Award. Wiig is presumably playing the daughter role, Ines.

Adam McKay, the director of The Big Short and Anchorman, is set to produce the film alongside Wiig, Will Ferrell, and Jessica Elbaum. That’s quite a pedigree.

Paramount purchased the rights for the American remake, and if the names already attached are any indication, this is going to be a movie to watch out for.

Welcome back, Jack!

SOURCE: Variety

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