– by Mark Cook

The world of comic books is chock full of retcons. It’s all a part of the soap operatic nature of the medium, and of course, that aspect of the source material has often made its way onto both the big and small screen adaptations.

This proud tradition is set to continue with season two of GOTHAM, as season one baddie Fish Mooney isset to return to the crime-filled city for multiple episodes, TVLine reports. Of course, with that being the case, that means Jada Pinkett Smith, the actress who portrayed the character, is back on board as well. As far as what her role is, it’s difficult to say. Perhaps a little vengeance is in order for her character, but I dare not jump to any conclusions.

Smith’s return to the series isn’t the biggest of surprises. While previously-thought dead characters coming back is a proud tradition, ever since Fish Mooney’s “death” in season one, even the showrunner had been vocal about his desire to see Smith return (via Comic Book). 

“Personally I’m still hoping that Jada will be back. One of the problems of making a show like this is that you need actors who can really be big characters. You either have bigness or you don’t, and Jada is big in spades. She’s done a wonderful job for us and nobody dies forever in the DC Universe, necessarily, so I’m hoping whatever happens at the end of this season that Fish can and will be back.”

Sounds like they’ve found a way for her to survive. More than anything, however, I’m interested to hear what the fans have to say about this. GOTHAM hasn’t exactly been a glowing beacon of quality, and even within the fan base, not a lot of people really seemed to like the character of Fish Mooney.

So what do you think? Is it a good thing that Smith is revisiting the character in GOTHAM, or is it just a terrible idea?

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