– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Ever since The Raid first hit the U.S., Hollywood seems to been salivating at the prospect of adapting the flick for Western audiences. Interestingly enough, in 2012, Dredd hit theaters, and to many fans of The Raid, it was almost seen as a blatant ripoff of the Indonesian original. Of course, that’s a mere coincidence, since the films were actually released just a few months apart from one another.

Regardless, despite plenty of talk, and despite The Raid director Gareth Evans signing on as executive producer of the remake, nothing has really happened. It had a director in the form of Patrick Hughes set to helm the project, and we even got the likes of Frank Grillo and Taylor Kitsch on board to star in the picture, which was being described as being in the vein of Black Hawk Down and Zero Dark Thirty. The last real news we heard of it was back in October of 2015, when Screen Gems, Patrick Hughes, and Taylor Kitsch dropped out altogether for unknown reasons.

This left XYZ films as the sole production company of the movie, and as expected, things kind of halted.

However, earlier today, and pretty much out of left field, The Grey and A-Team director Joe Carnahan — who’s been attached to the upcoming Bad Boys Forever — tweeted out that The Raid was being produced, and that it was now going to be more in the tone of The Grey and Narc.

Not only that, he also confirmed that he would be both producing and directing the American remake.

Thisis great news for those who have been waiting for an American remake. Sure, if you want the original goods, go back and watch the original film, but this movie will bring that movie to a whole new audiences, so that’s nothing but good news for everyone involved, right?

The only question this leaves us with is what this means for Bad Boys Forever. When last we heard (less than a week ago, in fact), the threequel was getting pushed almost a full year to November 9, 2018. Sure, there’s currently no release date set for this Raid remake, but unless he’s able to squeeze production in the next few months — and unless he hopped off Bad Boys Forever — that means we’re likely not going to actually see the film until mid to late 2019.

We’ve seen films go through lots of turnovers, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up leaving one of these projects. We’re just curious as to which one, if any.

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SOURCE: Joe Carnahan (via Twitter)

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