John Williams Star Wars Music Used On Set Of Obi-Wan Kenobi

John Williams Star Wars Music Used On Set Of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Deborah Chow, director says John Williams Star Wars music used on set of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The idea, which is a sound one, was to put the actors in that zone and feel the emotion of the music which is such an integral part of the Star Wars experience. Chow appeared in the recent press conference alongside star Ewan McGregor and co-star Moses Ingram late last week. LRM were in attendance and the revelation came from a question about whether Ewan McGregor was still making Lightsaber noises whilst filming? The actor famously did so whilst shooting the prequel trilogy many years ago.

MOSES INGRAM:  Everyone knows that you do it now.

EWAN MCGREGOR:  I know.  It’s impossible not to.  And if you’re not making them, you’re doing it in your head, I think.  [LAUGHS]

DEBORAH CHOW:  But we did play a lot of music when we did the action scenes, so the rest of us didn’t know if you guys were doing them.  So, yeah.

MODERATOR:  What kind of music would you play?

DEBORAH CHOW:  John Williams.  Yeah.

MOSES INGRAM:  And it was sick, too, because we’d be, like, stepping off the ship or, like, you know, doing something else and the music would swell and you’re just, like, feeling like you’re 10 feet tall, you know.  It’s very, very cool.

DEBORAH CHOW:  Yeah, that was the big reason we did it because there’s, you know, the music obviously it brings the emotional component.  And what John Williams has done has been so inextricably tied, it is Star Wars.  So, you know, if we put it on, all of a sudden I see Moses go like two inches taller and, you know, everybody responds to it.

EWAN MCGREGOR:  Yeah, yeah.

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I personally think this is a great idea because hearing that music would definitely get into my head if I was on set. This alongside the fact there is far less green and blue screen now days gives me hope for a higher standard of show. Much as I liked the basic ideas behind the prequels, I felt the execution was…. lacking. Overuse of green screen, actors having to ADR every line, these aspects did not help. However neither were the cause of some badly written dialogue. As McGregor hinted at the PC, this should also be superior in Obi-Wan Kenobi. McGregor was following up on a question asked by TVInsider to co-star Moses Ingram about the script feeling ‘dangerous’. Talk then turned to Obi-Wan’s classic wit.

“Yeah.  Well, it all comes from Alec Guinness.  You know, Alec Guinness had this wit behind his eyes all the time.  He had a twinkle, I think, in his eyes.  And that’s, I guess, in the writing, but also just for  me.  I always try and think of him and try to feel sort of somewhere.  Like, hear him saying the lines.  And that’s why I think the writing was so, so good in this because right from the word go, all of his dialogue felt to me like it could have been Alec Guinness saying it, you know.  Then I knew we were on the right path, at least with him, you know, and — yeah, he’s got a wit to him.  Mm-hmm.”

Sounds good, let’s hope all this hype is delivered on screen. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

What do you think of the John Williams Star Wars music used on set of Obi-Wan Kenobi? What about McGregor’s praise of the script and dialogue? As always, drop us a note below, or jump over to Discord (links below) for a more involved discussion.

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