– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s been a hell of a weekend. If you’re like me, since this past Friday, you’ve been watching footage officially released by Joker director Todd Phillips, as well as set videos and photos leaked by various outlets. Over the past 72 hours, folks seem to be having strong opinions about the upcoming Joker film, be they positive or negative.

One other actor who’s been caught up in the set photo fiasco has been actress Zazie Beetz. Deciding to embrace this publicity, Phillips has released his own photo of Beetz as the character, which you can check out in its entirety below:

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Beetz’s character is named Sophie Dumond, in the past, she’s been characterized as a single mother who’s gone through some incredibly tough times and who catches the eye of the Arthur Fleck, the soon-to-be Joker. You can see in this photo alone that the character has seen better days, and while I have nothing to support this, I can only imagine that the character becomes one of the many victims in the Joker’s Scarface-like rise to power (though I’d appreciate it if they didn’t just let her fall to the wayside as a typical girlfriend to a rising gangster).

One weird detail that really contributes nothing to the speculation regarding the character is that there looks to be a little bit of motion blur on Beetz’s arm. Were they not able to get a photo where she held her arm still? I guess the world may never know…but I’ll be sure to put that at the top of my lists if I get to interview Phillips for the film (Yeah, I have my priorities straight).

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SOURCE: Todd Phillips

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