– by Stephon White

No this is not about the perilous state of Superman or Batman. Nor is this post about the mysterious Snyder cut of Justice League. Nope. It brings me immense joy to see that DC fanning the fire they lit with recent footage of Joaquin Phoenix in the famous clown Prince of crimes paisley makeup.

Now courtesy of TMZ, we get footage straight from the set. Allow me to paint the picture before we go any further. The scene takes place in a subway. Frantic commuters pile out of the opening train doors. Behind them we see a figure in a color-splashed suit and full clown makeup. This is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. True to his nature, he stands poised among the chaotic scene. Well, that was my attempt to set the stage. Do yourself a favor and check the video below for yourself.

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Well, what did you think? Did the new footage give you a little nerd wood? It did something for me. A wild demented character study of the Joker showing his origins might be just was the adrenaline shot DC needs to send future films in the right direction. I just hope DC learns the right lessons if the film is a smashing success. Who would have thought, the Clown Prince would be here to save the DC universe? Well it’s time to find out how Joker got those scars. I doubt it, but at least we’re seeing a new take on the character.

The film is an origin film about Batman’s other half. The one villain who is truly the Yin to Batman’s Yang. So far, we know we’ll see Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron and Bryan Callen all inhabiting the Joker’s violent universe. Their roles haven’t been divulged yet, but the forecast is looking good. Martin Scorsese is producing, and man do I hope he fills Todd Phillips in on how to make a stellar crime film. Just imagine the Joker walking through off the wall scenes of GoodFellas.

Us fans will have to wait until October 2019 to see how it all turns out. Ouch.

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