– by Campbell Clark


If you have not seen Avengers: Infinity War at this point and yet you clicked on this article, then you get no spoiler sympathy from me folks.

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For everyone else that has seen the movie, we all know that many of the major Marvel characters were wiped from existence when Thanos achieved his goal at the climax of the movie. It’s easy to understand why Marvel and directors Joe and Anthony Russo were keen to keep the ending from as many people as possible, but Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and Thanos actor Josh Brolin, surely not?

Well, actually they did if we go by what Josh Brolin tells us. The actor spoke to USA Today while promoting his new Sicario movie.

“I was literally sitting in the theater going, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God. Spider-Man just disintegrated. That’s not OK.’ I looked at Hemsworth and he looked at me. He smiled and was like, ‘Your career is over.’ “

I’m genuinely shocked that it was kept from these actors when they are literally face-to-face when the Thanos snap happens. Sure, they knew Thanos snapped his fingers, because they filmed that scene, but to not know which Avengers and Guardians would perish is surprising.

It must be weird to be such an integral part of a movie like that and yet still be surprised at the premiere. Of course, Brolin’s career is far from over as Mr. Hemsworth predicted, in fact, Brolin has become one of the worlds most sought after actors after the stellar year he has had.

Next year we will see both Thor and Thanos back in action in Avengers 4, I wonder if they know what happens in that movie? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place below.

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