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Just the other day, Josh Brolin had nothing but positive things to say about working on Avengers: Infinity War, stating that playing Thanos was “maybe the most fun I’ve ever had.” Well, there’s another little Marvel movie that Brolin is starring in next year titled Deadpool 2, in which Brolin plays the time traveling mutant Cable. What positive things do you have to say about that, eh, Brolin?

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Brolin and, surprise, surprise, he also had nothing but positive things to say about Ryan Reynolds, star and producer on Deadpool 2:

“He’s an amazing guy, very smart and really sweet — and really handsome. He’s a smart guy, he’s the one who saw this and tried to get this movie made for eight years and was unable to. I think has such a perfect sensibility. He’s a great producer on it, there’s a lot to trust there.”

Brolin isn’t wrong; we wouldn’t have the same successful and damn entertaining first Deadpool film without the commitment of Reynolds to get the project off the ground, especially following the disastrous introduction to the character that was X-Men: Wolverine Origins.  It is also a fact that Reynolds is quite handsome. But, it’s great to hear he’s smart and sweet. And that Reynolds still sounds like he knows what he’s doing. I would hate to involved in the project that Brolin doesn’t compliment!

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Brolin also addressed the accident on set that killed a stuntwoman, but still couldn’t help but heap more compliments on the project and Reynolds:

“We had that tragedy happen recently, which was awful. We’re all still reeling from that, but other than that it’s been great. I think both of us are good at creating a set of trust and fun.”

Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 both can’t be the most fun Brolin’s ever had, so “great” will have to do on this one. It would be a shame to get so jacked for a role, only to not be rewarded with a great time.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on June 1, 2018.

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SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly