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Yeah, I know. Why bother with this? We’ve already seen Justice League, and already know what all their suits look like, right? But, hey, it’s about time for the Blu-ray release, and it sounds like it’ll come with plenty of special features to justify a purchase.

Warners has released a couple minutes of a featurette that discusses the new suits in Justice League. The first half of the clip discusses the more saturated version of the suit. While the suit may mostly look the same as it did in Man of Steel, many viewers may have noticed the extra brightness of it. That was no accident, and was a product of the actual suit color, not just the way the film was color corrected. Also pretty cool are the metallic plates that are placed under the fabric to give it that extra pop.

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From there, we see glimpses of other suits including the black Superman suit, the Flash’s suit, and then finally, Batman’s tactical suit. Also noteworthy regarding that suit is that it’s not a whole new suit, but actually an extra layer of armor over the original suit. Call me stupid, but I pretty much assumed that it was a brand-new suit rather than an extra coat. They also made some tweaks to the cowl, making it more flexible, and changing the silhouette.

What do you think of these little suit revelations? Let us know in the comments down below!

Justice League is out now on Digital!

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  • Gaaamin_It_Up

    i actually just saw something recently, i forget if it was here or somewhere else but the new Black Panther costume was based off of that Superman metallic muscle suit. So the new BP costume is black but he has a similar silver muscle suit underneath so it shines through as if the vibranium metal is weaved in.

  • Victor Roa

    ….. that made me respect the Nolan costume more. When you see it in person there’s a lot of detail that’s missed on camera, here the digital coloring ruined it and looks like pit stains on a children’s body suit.

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