– by Joseph Jammer Medina

If you’re a fan of Kal-El, the last son of Krypton, the last week or so has been pretty fantastic.

First, there was the talk of a MAN OF STEEL sequel now officially being in the works. One that would, in theory, be very different now that Geoff Johns is running the show.

Then there was all the talk of Superman donning the iconic black suit from the “Return of Superman” comic book arc in JUSTICE LEAGUE, thanks to an Instagram post by Henry Cavill.

Heck, if you’re someone like me, the parade of Awesome Superman Goodness began with the San Diego Comic-Con JUSTICE LEAGUE poster (posted above) which, for once, didn’t feature Cavill scowling or looking constipated as Kal-El!

Good times, right?

Well, the hits keep coming:

A new photo of Cavill on the set of JUSTICE LEAGUE seems to reveal that a classic element of the character’s comic book look is making a return. No, it’s not the red shorts- which is fine by me. It’s…the spit curl!

Check it out:

The rest of the post also shows Cavill doing very Superman-ly stuff by hugging children and making their day.

While it’s unlikely he’ll have that curl on his forehead the whole time, even here it looks like his head might be a little wet and these photos could’ve been taken between takes of an action sequence, it’s still cool to see images like these getting put out there. Images of a kind-hearted guy in the recognizable blue and red, with that big S on his chest, smiling with children.

He took a similar photo during the production of MAN OF STEEL, sans curl, but that optimistic disposition didn’t exactly translate to the film itself. Here’s hoping JUSTICE LEAGUE introduces us to the true symbol of hope we all know Superman to be when it comes out on November 17, 2017. 

SOURCE: Instagram

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