– by Nick Doll

As fantastic as the effects in the first two acts of (nearly) all the DC Extended Universe films look, DC always biffs it with the final villain and overall third act. If Marvel has a thinly written villain problem, then the current state of DC leaves their baddies desperately lacking in both depth and visual appeal. One misses Heath Ledger’s Joker and even Tom Hardy’s Bane more than ever.

Justice League‘s Steppenwolf has got to be the worst looking villain of the bunch, though his own design is not worse than the worst of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s something about DC’s nearly monochromatic final villians that seem to blend in with their darker, equally monochromatic backgrounds that makes a character like Steppenwolf, similar to Thanos is several ways, just not pop as much.

Though he still doesn’t “pop” color-wise, especially with all those grey alien ship interiors… some earlier designs from Justice League concept artist Jared S. Marantz are pretty spectacular, far more alien and terrifying than the “meh” version used in the final film

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All that being said, that is a complicated design, and with the Steppenwolf we received not looking as detailed as this sucker, I wonder if the production team even had the time to include this much detail on the body. I do like the more alien appearance, as appeared to him looking like a grey man with a weird rock beard and equally grey Loki helmet.

What do you think of this early design of Steppenwolf? You dig it, or does it not meet your expectations from the comic? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE Jared S. Marantz