– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Things continue to not look so good for Justice League. The film made less than $94 million in its opening weekend, and for a movie that has so many iconic heroes in one place, that’s more than a little disappointing. But just how disappointing can we expect it to be?

Sure, other films like Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were disappointing to fans, but they still managed to make a hefty profit. But what about Justice League? Sadly, it appears to be in a whole different situation.

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According to Forbes, Justice League’s budget is likely hovering around $300 million (including reshoots), and that’s not even including marketing, which is speculated to have cost around $150 million. With that in mind, the total cost here is around $450 million. Then, taking into account the theater cut, the film will likely need to make just shy of $700 million worldwide to break even.

But how much will the movie make? Forbes speculates that, based on the trajectory of the last four films, that number will ultimately be around $635 million, resulting in around $50 to $100 million in losses. If we’re to believe our rough calculations on how much it needs to break even, it looks to lose around $65 million.

Given that this film was supposed to be the film that kicked the DCEU to a $1 billion franchise, this is more than a little disappointing, and we’re sure we’re going to be seeing the ramifications of this in the coming months.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Justice League has a longer tail at the box office than anticipated, but there is no real indication that that would be the case. With its B+ CinemaScore, it’s not exactly clear that audiences were smitten with this one.

We’re anxious to see where the final numbers fall.

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SOURCE: Forbes

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