– by Joseph Jammer Medina

When Justice League hit theaters last year, audiences were smacked in the face with more than just a mediocre story. They were also smacked with a bevy of seemingly-unfinished visual effects, which included an undercooked Steppenwolf (whose face never moved just right) and video game-like backgrounds. But perhaps the worst offender of all was the Man of Steel himself, Superman.

Very famously, Warner Bros. had to shell out a large chunk of money to remove the mustache from the actor’s upper lip. The reason for the mustache? Henry Cavill had come off his Mission: Impossible – Fallout shoot and still needed to go back after the Justice League reshoots. Understandably, Paramount didn’t want to let him shave, as it could very well have ruined some shots of their own film…so they let Justice League take the bullet.

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Like many other fans, I myself couldn’t help but wonder why Paramount didn’t take the bullet. After all, making a fake believable mustache is way easier than removing one with CG, right? Maybe, but according to a new tweet from Chris McQuarrie, they made the best decision they could.

“I will talk about that in detail with @ChrisHewitt on the @empiremagazine spoiler podcast. The short answer: We made every effort to accommodate JL without negatively impacting our movie. There’s was nothing we could do.”

I, for one, am looking forward to that interview. As stated above, it does seem like adding a fake mustache for Mission: Impossible would have been easier, but then again, why would Paramount have voluntarily let their film potentially suffer when they had no reason to?

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SOURCE: Chris McQuarrie

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