– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Diversity is kind of a big deal in today’s world. As it gets smaller, it’s become clear how truly diverse we really are (at least in the States), and minorities have become more vocal about seeing representations of themselves in media. We’ve seen this happen in books, comics, TV, and film, and Justice League is no exception.

Justice League will have not one, but two minorities filling in its ranks with actors Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa. Speaking with Empire about this (via CBM), Fisher — who plays Cyborg — discussed the importance of his character in terms of diversity, and even brought up another interesting aspect of the character most don’t even think of.

“DC’s going to be changing the name to Diversity Comics pretty soon…You’re dealing with the only member of the Justice League who is African-American. You’re dealing with the only member of the Justice League who is in some ways what some would consider disabled. You don’t want to end up telling a story that isn’t respectful of those factors. But he’s going to be cool as hell.”

Aquaman in the film is especially interesting. One wouldn’t call him “diverse” in the comics, but director Zack Snyder had this genius idea to hire someone who’s part Native Hawaiian, and based on the looks of the trailers so far, it’s paying off. Momoa discussed Snyder’s casting against the comic:

“He’s white with blond hair. But Zack had a vision. The fact that Aquaman is a brown-skinned superhero, I’m pretty stoked about that. I love being able to set the tone.”

As a brown-skinned person, I too find this pretty inspiring. One can hope this has a positive effect on younger audiences growing up nowadays, who see themselves reflected on the screen.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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SOURCE: Empire (via CBM)

  • Nattown

    How much did they slide you guys to write this?

    • Kindofabigdeal

      They’ve been on the DC payola for months now. I’ve come to accept it. Make your comments and keep it moving.

      • Nattown

        Thanks for the heads up because this is kinda…wtf-ish.

  • Lenin1959

    And Wonder Woman is actually a transgender. She is the reincarnation of Ziggy Stardust. Diversity – spoonfed if you want it or not!

  • Victor Roa

    uhhhh….. You know, it’s scary when you are listening to these guys and they have NO IDEA how diverse comics actually are, and instead we put them on pedestals to stand on a mark, play dress up and quote lines.

  • Fallout Boy!

    India and China have massive space programs. Mexico has a GDP of almost a trillion dollars. Africa has the most abundant natural resources on the planet.
    Why aren’t movies made in which you can ‘see yourself reflected on the big screen’ in just the same manner? Do you think maybe it’s because of the culture that developed the artform made the greatest advancements and led the way? If not, why so? Is the belief in ‘ethnicity’ such that it can be emphasized and empowered ONLY when in the midst of a population primarily made manifest by another ethnicity? In other words, is being ‘ brown-skinned’ so important when in the midst of those who are not? If not, why don’t we see the same constant push for recognition in Latino and Hispanic countries in and of themselves? Wheres the ‘diversity’ push in Mexico? In China? India? Africa? Arabia? Japan? Isn’t it funny that people want to come here in droves but then they want to complain that they somehow ‘aren’t recognized’? So, in the midst of millions of people just like yourself in terms of skin color, no one would give a shit about you unless you made a fantastic and unique success about you, but for some reason when you travel to a place where all kinds of people can allegedly gather in freedom then suddenly it becomes so much more fucking important to be ‘recognized’ as being a certain skin color?

    Really? Take some random complaining Mexican and put him back into Mexico or Central or South America and who will ‘recognize’ him for his ethnicity? NOBODY.
    The same goes for every fucking color. In the midst of others like himself, he would have to prove himself and EARN ‘recognition’ for his character and his deeds. But for some reason, in the midst of CONSTANT fucking complaints about ‘racism’ in which primarily white people but others as well, are called out for not being as colorblind as the American Ideal would have us all, we’re supposed to be colorblind and judge you on your merits but also ‘recognize’ your ethnicity for how special it is? Why? Because this country WASN’T founded by Hispanics, et al?

    People want to have equality’ which recognizes them as ‘special’? See the hypocrisy there? My sister is married into a MASSIVE Mexican family. It is so big they have both cops and cop-killers in the family. Illegals, soldiers, criminals, insurance men, etc. I see those people as people. They fuck up, they deserve what they get. Why does the whole concept of showing ‘diversity’ somehow depend on other people ‘recognizing’ any one else’s ethnicity? Who fucking cares but a bunch a low IQ people who don’t grasp the fact that by asking for recognition they destroy the whole attempt to achieve equality?

    Tell me why millions of Mexicans don’t overthrow their corrupt overlords be and make Mexico a fucking astonishing Civilization? Why? I’ve been to Mexico more times than I can count although I’ve only lived they for a few months at a time.
    You go to Mexico City and the observant individual will notice one thing right off the bat – an incredible dearth of trash cans. Why? Or how about the 6 MILLION PLUS street dogs? Or the Air Quality Index unique to Mexico which measures the amount of dried dog feces in the air? Recognition? For what? For obeying the whip of tyrants for decades? Brasil, Venezuela, Panama,Nicaragua, we can go on and on. So, then, American Cinema shld be somehow responsible for ‘diversity’ in order that ‘ethnicity-x’ should be able to see itself ‘reflected on the big screen’?

    Why? Why don’t we see Mexican Cinema blasting out into the world kicking ass showing us THEMSELVES? What happens if Mexican Cinema made Zorro an Asian? What the fuck would happen, seriously.
    Aren’t the priorities backwards if you have to go to another country to be ‘recognized’ for how great your country is? If not, then why be an ‘African-American’ or a ‘Mexican-American’? Will ANY of those countries EVER ‘recognize’ someone NOT of their own culture? Why not?

    American freedom doesn’t exist in constant ‘recognition’ or ‘reflection’ – it resides in assimilation and consequently, as a DIRECT result of loosening the bonds of specific ethnicity, UNITY. Want diversity?
    Look to the origins of the word before you mashed up your mind: ‘divert’ – ‘to turn in opposition away from each other’.

    The day you stop asking to be recognized is the day you realize you don’t need to be. Be judged on who you are and what you do. Otherwise, you’re missing the whole point of America, period.

  • Psychotic Bitch With a Knife

    Someone needs to tell Mamoa that Aquaman is a clean cut blonde white guy from Maine https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/089c12b08bce7a66dd1ef1354dcc7184fb75977c088a589fb718e369e7a1d94d.jpg #Facts.
    He looks looks like the 1980s Aquaman but so does their Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman
    The DCEU is stuck in the 80s.

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