– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been getting themes from the folks over at DC for their upcoming Justice League film. A couple weeks back was Aquaman Week, last week was Flash Week, and this week, Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher share the limelight with Wonder Woman and Cyborg Week.

This is definitely a smart marketing move from Warner Bros. Ever since it was revealed that Cyborg would be in Justice League, per the New 52 lineup, many fans felt underwhelmed by the prospect. By merging weeks with Wonder Woman, there’s a better chance they will pay attention to him and actually give him the chance he deserves.

In this first video from AT&T, we dive deeper into what makes Cyborg (aka Victor Stone) tick. As someone who’s never been terribly interested in Cyborg, I think this video definitely does him some favors. For the first time, we’re actually given a little bit of time to click with him emotionally, and while some may point to Fisher’s stiff portrayal as a bad thing, I think it helps to highlight the tragedy of the character.

Plus, between his hacking skills and overall weaponry, he’s a character who can be a real asset to the team in a unique way (I expect him and Barry Allen to get along real well).

What did you think of this first look at Cyborg? Sound off down below!

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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SOURCE: Justice League, AT&T

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