– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The upcoming Justice League film will only have one credited director, and that director is Zack Snyder. This news comes thanks to the legal section of the official Justice League site.

This was a question to some fans due to the fact that Snyder left the film a few months back for personal reasons. In his absence, The Avengers director Joss Whedon took over for reshoots and postproduction on the picture.

It’s already been rumored that Whedon would get no director credit for the film, but now you can take that speculation to the bank. Also speculated was that Whedon would get a writing credit in the movie, and true to that rumor, he is indeed getting a writing credit alongside Chris Terrio.

All of this seems to support the idea that while Snyder may not have been involved in the film over the past several months, the direction Whedon and the crew went in with the rewrites and reshoots have all been in support of the vision Snyder had for the film.

We’re excited to see just how that vision for the film pans out. On the heels of Wonder Woman‘s success, an extra win for the DC Extended Universe would help to quash any feelings of insecurity fans are having about the films.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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SOURCE: Justice League Movie Site

  • Victor Roa

    If Weadon can handle being the guy who worked on Waterworld and Alien 4 – “Baby Skeletor makes faces”, I think he can handle this.

  • Venomaide

    Joss getting that cha ching $$

  • Psychotic Bitch With a Knife

    It’s funny how this site isn’t covering the biggest story on the News https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a13350858e5920fd92032db0b52359b449d78fff47bb64437115ee0b101856d3.png

    • Marquis de Sade

      Oh please, no one is really covering this, cuz Ben was just MAXIN’, RELAXIN’ and SEXUALLY HARASSIN’.

    • Leftmouse

      Biggest story on the internet? In your world maybe.

      • Lenin1959

        I actually chatted up most of my girlfriends myself. And I did want to have sex with some of them because that was why I made the first step and talked to them – I am such a bad person, I know… At least I understood and respected a NO. Better now?

        Political correctness is no longer political correctness but has turned into a witch(er) hunt where it is getting harder to find out who is guilty and who it just getting McCarthy’d (Joseph, not Melissa). Hollywood has ALWAYS been a cesspool with far too many child molesters (RIP, Corey Haim) and machos and often even rapists (e.g. who raped Natalie Wood?). It is good to sue those guys and to lock them up. But somebody makes a (maybe wrong and unwanted) move on some girl and is suddenly in the same league with rapists? WTF? Girls, there was a time before Tinder where men HAD TO CHAT UP girls they didn’t know but were interested in. Oh, those monsters… This current witch(er) hunt is both kind of hilarious and actually frightening because it is so over the top. Find the assholes in Hollywood that are really dangerous – there are A LOT of them – but don’t try to become famous (again) by accusing people of making a move on you that you didn’t ask for. Just say NO, THANK YOU and move on.
        I just hope the 50s are not coming back with sexual harrassment being the new communism…

        • Victor Roa

          it’s interesting you mentioned Corey Haim because I’m reminded him and Feldman amdited to getting molested….. and nobody believed them. And now we got like Terry Crews saying he’s getting PTSD over all of this news. It’s scary man, and when you think about it …. FUCK ME, there’s even a creepy casting couch scene in Batman animated series in 1997. And what’s weird about Ben Affleck and Rose McGowan….. that was Phantoms in 1998, so yeah of course Rose ran off to be with Marilyn Manson, he’s less of a creep, and then went off to Charmed for a safe pay check.
          So like all these clues have always been there, and yet we don’t make it comfortable for people close to us to tell us the truth. That’s the sad part

          • Lenin1959

            Haim is unfortunately not the only one who got broken by Hollywood. The casting couch has been there for decades, as have been idiots trying to use their power to put pressure on women and men and kids to go to bed with them or right away rape them. Natalie Wood is another wellknown victim of rape. But there seems to be some code of (DIS!)honor to not talk about this. There is much more Trump (you know where to grab ’em) in Hollywood than left wing activists want to believe – it is not a simple left/right problem, it is a problem of power being misused.

  • Marquis de Sade


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