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Deadpool approves.

Deadpool approves.

Late last week, the hot topic of “Who should replace Rick Famuyiwa on The Flash?” got some fuel thrown on the fire when I made a rather unlikely pick. It started a major conversation for our readers, and some interesting ideas came out of that. One of the alternatives that a reader pitched struck me as a rather inspired choice, and it’s someone that Kevin Smith apparently agrees with.

Smith, an avowed fanboy who loves all things DC, dropped a name on his Fatman on Batman podcast that few probably saw coming: Tim Miller.

Yes, the same Tim Miller that directed Deadpool and was recently ousted from the sequel over creative squabbles with Ryan Reynolds.

What if Deadpool II‘s loss can be The Flash‘s gain?

With Deadpool, Miller demonstrated an uncanny ability to adapt a fast-talking, whip-smart, ass-kicking hero dressed in red to the big screen. While The Flash, as a character- especially the way Ezra Miller seems to be playing him in the DCEU- isn’t that much like Deadpool, there’s no denying that a The Flash movie could benefit from Miller’s skill set. He’s demonstrated he’s got a gift for balancing killer visuals with wit, humor, and fun characters. He also showed that he can do a lot with a little (based on Deadpool‘s rather meager budget), and that he can take a great script, that can seem unconventional on the page, and make a highly entertaining movie out of it.

Smith called co-host Marc Bernardin’s off-the-cuff suggestion of Miller a bit of “accidental genius.” The writer-director then went on to make the same case that I have in the past.

The success of Deadpool can be chalked up two key ingredients: Ryan Reynolds AND Tim Miller.

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Bernardin’s suggestion of Miller seemingly wiped the slate clean of their two previous suggestions, which had been Joe Cornish (Attack The Block) and The Wachowskis (The Matrix Trilogy). 

What do you think of Smith’s endorsement of Tim Miller as Rick Famuyiwa’s replacement on The Flash? I think it’d be an inspired choice.

SOURCE: CinemaBlend

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