– by Emmanuel Gomez

   Since January has given us an extra week, we decided to do a special Kickstarter episode! Sometimes there are amazing comic book creators who’s fantastic ideas could use a bit of help from fans in order to get us a finished book. We are featuring two great writers who are starting Kickstarter campaigns to promote their titles. From the LRMOnline family we have Kat Kalamia and Omar Morales writer for “Cruzader: Agent of the Vatican” and Guinness World Record holder for the largest comic book published.  Kat is promoting her title “Life Father, Like Daughter” and Omar talks about the “Not Forgotten” anthology he is working on. We then venture into our Top 5 independent comics and finish off with the books for the week!

9 Panel Grid

Episode 11

Like Father, Like Daughter & Not Forgotten Kickstarter


  1. Like Father, Like Daughter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shortfusemedia/like-father-like-daughter-1-comic-book

    1. What’s the story all about

    2. Impetus of the idea, project

    3. Assembling Creative Team

    4. Kickstarter Details

  2. Not Forgotten

    1. What is Not Forgotten

    2. How did you become involved

    3. Your Story

    4. Why Golden Age Heroes

    5. Challenge of Public Domain characters

    6. Other Creators

  3. Top 5 Independent Titles

    1. Jace

      1. Think Tank – Matt Hawkins, Rahsan Ekedal

      2. Clone – David Schulner, Will McIntyre, Aaron Ginsburg, Juan Jose Ryp

      3. Irredeemable – Mark Waid, Peter Krause

      4. Letter 44 – Charles Soule, Alberto Alburquerque

      5. Black Eyed Kids – Joe Pruett, Simon Kudranski

    2. Manny

      1. 1 Postal

      2. 2 Letter 44

      3. 3 Think Tank

      4. 4 Rough Riders Adam Glass/Super Zero Jimmy Palmiotti

      5. 5 Cannibal – Brian Buccellato Jennifer Young

    3. Kat

      1. 1 American Vampire

      2. 2 Revival

      3. 3 Paper Girls

      4. 4 Morning Glories

      5. 5 Invincible

    4. Omar

      1. Paper Girls (Vaughan, Chiang) Image

      2. Saga (Vaughan, Staples) Image

      3. Tokyo Ghost (Remender, Murphy) Image

      4. Chrononauts (Millar, Murphy) Image

      5. Romulus(Hill, Blake II) Image

  4. Upcoming Books for February 1st