– by Emmanuel Gomez

Another villain that many may not be familiar with is headed to Central City to battle the Flash. In an interview with ComicBookResources Todd Helbing, showrunner for CW’s The Flash, told them that Kilg%re, the technology based alien, would soon make his way to Season 4. It is unknown if it will be working with the Thinker, who is Season 4’s “big bad”, but from what we know of the character from comics it can be very dangerous.

Kilg%re first appeared in comics in 1987 in DC’s Flash #3. He was created by Mike Baron and Jackson Guice and took on not Barry Allen but Wally West, the newly appointed Flash. He is an alien being who has to consume electrically powered lifeforms in order to survive. Such was his hunger that he consumed his entire home planet. Upon arriving on Earth Kilg%re’s vibrations were a little off from the planets but was accidentally brought into sync by the Flash. After adjusting to his new reality he quickly attempted to take over Earth, only to be defeated by the Flash. Most recently Kilg%re has made an appearance in DC Rebirth’s Cyborg book written by John Semper Jr. in an arc called “The Imitation of Life”.

After what we saw in the season premiere for The Flash, it will be interesting to see if Killg%re is going to be one of the Thinker’s pawns, or if they are going to stick with it’s traditional story of coming out of space. Either way I look forward to seeing the character on the show. What do you think of this addition to the show? Leave your comments below!

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Source: ComicBookResources