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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the first Kingsman film.

The first Kingsman film was something of a surprise for me. From the trailer, I got the impression it was based on some terrible Y.A. novel, and had pretty low expectations for it. However, upon release, the reviews were largely positive, and the few friends I knew who saw the film had nothing but positive things to say about it. So, a couple weeks after its release, I bought myself a ticket, headed to the theater, and proceeded to have one of the best times in the theaters I’ve had in a long time.

The film had an amazing script, unique direction, solid acting, and perhaps one of the greatest villains I’d seen in a movie in recent memory. In addition, the movie made me buy Colin Firth as a badass secret agent — something I thought I’d never buy after watching the actor take on romantic comedy after romantic comedy over the past couple decades. The flick even managed to get a genuine reaction out of me when his character was killed off by a point-blank shot to the head.

This poster teased the return of Colin Firth's character.

This poster teased the return of Colin Firth’s character.

Yet despite his character’s untimely demise, it’s been no secret that his character is set to return in the sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. How they plan to pull off that feat remains to be seen, and in an interview with Collider, Firth himself had to be very secretive about the whole thing:

“Well, it’s still my duty to be cryptic about that, so forgive me in being creative in how I dodge that question. It’s no secret that I’m involved, somewhere and somehow. From what I’ve been able to gather, it’s not going to feel like a conventional sequel. It’s going to be something that feels very much its own thing. I’m very optimistic about it.

“I can’t give too much away about in what capacity I’m back. A lot of people have speculated and a lot of people have come to the wrong conclusions about it. I want to keep the surprise alive, a little longer. I think they’re going to be surprised again.”

Indeed, as much as I’d like to hear all the details, there’s no denying that finding out all the major details in the context of the film would be a much more rewarding experience, so Kudos to Firth for keeping the secrets safe. Ever since it was announced that Firth would be returning to the movie, I’ve tried to formulate ways a human could survive a shot to the head like that, but unfortunately, I’ve come up with nothing.

Kingsman: The Secret Circle hits theaters on June 16, 2017.

SOURCE: Collider

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