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It’s a beautiful melody that one cannot forget.

Ben Chace-directed film “Sin Alas” is the first American-directed film in Cuba since the revolution. It marks as one of the few films that looks into the culture and society of Cuba.

Here’s the synopsis:

“70 year-old Luis Vargas sits in front of his crumbling art deco building in downtown Havana reading the Communist newspaper. He notices an obituary for Isabela Muñoz, a once renowned modern dancer, and attends her funeral, standing apart from the rest of the mourners. That night he can’t sleep and is tormented by a fragment of the melody from her famous performance in 1967. His friend Ovilio suggests completing the melody as a way of letting go, but after a meandering search through the streets of Havana, Luis is led even deeper into a world of memory he has spent decades trying to forget. As scenes from his dramatic affair with Isabela unfold into his consciousness of daily life Luis begins to see parallels in the strained marriage of his young neighbors and the memories of his parents from his childhood in the provinces. Realizing his place in a cycle of failed intentions the old man tries to make a break.”

The film stars Carlos Padron, Mario Limonta, Yulisleyvis Rodrigues and Lieter Ledesma Alberto.

“Sin Alas” was nominated in the World Fiction Competition at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2015.

Latino-Review had a sit-down exclusive interview with director Chace and well known Cuban actor Limonta.

Watch the video interview below.

Source: Latino-Review