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Last week, Logan took the world by storm. The James Mangold film, which will serve as the swan song for Hugh Jackman’s run as the most famous X-Men hero, Wolverine, debuted a teaser trailer that was striking, powerful, and original. In that trailer, we got to get a pretty decent look at one of the key characters in Logan‘s plot- a little girl that every comic book devotee assumed was a young X-23.

Yesterday, thanks to an official image posted on Logan‘s Instagram, the world received confirmation that the girl is named Laura, as in Laura Kinney, as in…X-23.


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That one simple caption, “Laura,” put all of the speculation to rest.

Here’s a bit on X-23’s backstory:

“X-23 is a female clone-daughter of Wolverine. Like Wolverine, X-23 has a regenerative healing factor, superhuman strength, senses, speed, and reflexes. She also has retractable adamantium-coated bone claws in her hands and feet. In 2015, the character succeeded her “father” in adopting the name and costume of Wolverine in the series, All-New Wolverine.

“Cloned from a damaged copy of Wolverine’s genome, X-23 was created to be the perfect killing machine. For years, she proved herself a capable assassin working for an organization called the Facility. A series of tragedies eventually led her to Wolverine and the X-Men.”

[Courtesy of WikiPedia]

Laura will be played by Dafne Keen in Mangold’s Logan. Aside from Jackman, she’ll get to share the screen with the likes of Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, and Richard E. Grant.

Logan will slice its way into theaters on March 3.