– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Warner Bros. has been hard at work on a LOGAN’S RUN remake for decades (literally). Now, it sounds like the production may finally get back on track. According to Deadline, the studio has tapped COLONY creator/showrunner Ryan Condal to write a new script based on the treatment written by X-MEN: APOCALYPSE co-writer/producer Simon Kinberg. Kinberg will also be producing the project alongside Joel Silver and DC’s ARROW-verse overlord Greg Berlanti. 

LOGAN’S RUN will be a new take on the 1967 novel (written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson), which was last adapted to the big screen in the 1976 Michale York film of the same name. As it’s a new take on the actual source material, don’t expect it to have a whole lot in common with the 1970s counterpart.

For those unfamiliar, LOGAN’S RUN takes place in a dystopian society where its citizens are executed when they turn 21. However, as is likely to happen in a crazy society like this, some citizens don’t report to their kill centers, and instead go on the run. Logan is a man whose job it is to find these “runners” and execute them himself. However, when it’s Logan’s turn to face execution, he goes on a “run” of his own. It’s a great premise, and one that sounds eerily a lot like MINORITY REPORT, which was based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. 

The hiring of Ryan Condal by the studio seems to be a smart move, as the man’s current sci-fi series on USA has not only done well enough to warrant a second season, but has also been relatively well-received on the whole. Hopefully Condal will bring the same thought-provoking element he brought to that series to LOGAN’S RUN.

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SOURCE: Deadline

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