LRM Exclusive Interview: Directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore for BAD MOMS

Being a super mom is tough work. With kids, careers, husbands and other competing moms, the daily lives of moms are just tough work.

It’s definitely better to unwind and be a bad mom by drinking, partying and sort of neglecting those kids for the day.

From STX Entertainment, BAD MOMS follows three over-worked, under-appreciated mothers who finally were pushed over the edge over the responsibilities of motherhood. They exchange their super mom status for the more carefree and fun mothers in this comedy film.

The film stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Annie Mumolo, Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate. It was directed and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (THE HANGOVER, 21 & OVER).

LRM had an exclusive telephone interview to speak with the writing and directing team. We talked about the cast chemistry amongst the cast, developing a motherhood script, and parties.

BAD MOMS 2 is currently out on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download today.

Read the interview transcript below.

LRM: Where did you guys come up with the idea for BAD MOMS?

Scott Moore: Good question. Jon [Lucas] and I are both married. We both have kids. We were sitting around our houses trying to figure out on what to write next. Our lives and our worlds seem very boring. When we were seeing our wives running around and trying frantically take care of the kids—it seems like they were in a very stressful, complicated world they were living in. We started watching on what they were doing and writing the trials and tribulations on what they were going through. It just seems to be much more interesting to us.

LRM: So you both have kids yourselves. All this is relatable then?

Jon Lucas: Yeah, we’re both dads. They’re pretty young. We’re in the thick of parenting right now, so it’s on our mind a lot. As we get older, we used to write about younger people getting drunk all the time, now it’s about older people. We have matured as artists.

LRM: I know a lot of moms liked the idea of the movie. They kind of relate to it. Is it hard to write and direct a movie for a female perspective?

Scott Moore: Yeah, I guess it was a little tricky. We just kept listening and we attacked it like we were documentary filmmakers. We were watching on what our wives were going through. We hired a great female producer. We listened to her and talked about her experiences. The whole cast, all six women, are all moms. When we hired them and talked with them—we were like, “Bring your experiences. If something happens that was funny at home, then tell us about it. We want to put it in the movie.”

If we were shooting a scene and some dialogue wasn’t ringing true—like a mom wouldn’t say that—please tell us. We spent most of the time pulling experiences from our cast, our crew, and our wives. We’ve been putting all that in the movie.

I’m not sure if that answers the question of whether it was easy or hard, but it was about on how two dudes tackling on making a movie about women.

LRM: It sounds like the women on the set really gave a lot of advice.

Jon Lucas: Yeah, we definitely got a lot of opinions. We had a nice prep period to get a lot of it into the script before. While it’s definitely a female driven movie, I think Scott and I would have a really hard time in writing about a single twenty-year-old girl in New York. That experience timewise would be so long ago and the gender would be more exacerbated.

We are dads. We are pretty involved with our kids lives. A lot of the feelings that moms have—the dads will have them too. It was so far into us to direct a movie about mothers.

LRM: Talk about your cast. You have a lot of great actresses on the set. Tell us about the comradery and synergy with the leading actresses with Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Christina Applegate.

Scott Moore: The actresses are fantastic. I have no complaints with the women we have. To be honest, it felt like they had such a good time making the movie to that they became such good friends. That became a little problem for the movie. In the movie, they don’t really know each other and later became friends in the movie. There will be scenes where they are strangers and not supposed to know each other that well.

All the actresses were getting along very well and finishing each other sentences. I was telling them, “No, no, no. You’re not friends yet. Make it clear that you’re not friends yet.”

It’s actually a lot of fun on the set. We had a really good time with them. They all had a good time with each other.

LRM: You both have been writing and directing movies for a very long time. How did you guys work together in this case? Is everything done together or do you take turns? How does it work for a writing and directing duo?

Jon Lucas: In directing, we do it together, because he have the modern directing style from there. As for the writing process, we spent a lot of time on the phone arguing with each other. Then we go off and write. We take passes on the script, so we are both working on the script.

A lot of times, we are together on whether it’s prepping time or in post. We find it useful to have two sets of eyes for things whether it’s for performances or for how the shot looks. It’s very useful to have two folks to do the jobs of one in the movie.

LRM: For the both of you, what do you supposed was the most difficult scene or the funnest scene you had to do on this project?

Scott Moore: Without question, the funnest scene was the bathroom scene with the girls—it’s probably one of the more outrageous scenes in the movie. It’s known as the “hoodie scene.” I just recalled laughing so hard. There were stuff in there that we couldn’t even use, because it was too absurd. Girls were having such a good time. The crew was pretty good about not laughing. There was a couple of times you can see the boom mic started to shake cause the crew was laughing so hard. [Chuckles]

There’s a lot of imrov in the movie. When people started to know the jokes, like the crew heard it for the third time, no one laughed at it obviously. The girls bring in their great improv, so there are a ton of improv in that scene. It’s fun to watch the crew hold it together. It’s even more fun to watch the cast hold it together while Kathryn Hahn thrown in a new crazy thing or Kristen Bell extremely react to something.

That [scene] was the funnest for me. It was a really great day.

LRM: I’m curious. Who did actually come up with that “hoodie scene?”

Scott Moore: [Laughter] That’s actually our producer, Suzanne Todd. We weren’t even looking for a big scene there. It was more of a transitional scene. What would these three [women] would talk about before they would go out? The setup was with Mila’s character hasn’t been with any guys since she met her husband really young. So what would you talk about?

[Suzanne] said, “Well, I went on this date…..” Suzanne just dropped this bomb on us in our office. That was incredible. It was clearly a scene. We added to it and made it more ridiculous. Sometimes real life is never quite as fun as the movies. Her story was great. It was a great example on why having her around as a teammate of ours.

LRM: That joke was equally disturbing and laughable at the same time.

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore: [Laughter] Fair enough.

LRM: Could you talk about your future projects? You both have a movie coming up called OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY?

Jon Lucas: We do. We worked on a movie called OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY. It’s coming out this Christmas. When you see the movie, it’s definitely in familiar territory for the types of movies we do. In the future, we’re trying to put together BAD MOMS 2. We think the cast is just amazing and we’re happy to write for them again. We’ll be happy to do seven or eight movies about these bad moms if they’ll let us. It’s just so much fun to write for. We would love to put all that back together again.

LRM: I was going to guess that the sequel was going to be BAD DADS next. Or do we have enough male-driven comedies already?

Scott Moore: We’re very committed to making BAD MOMS 2. We’re trying to figure out on how it make it work with everyone’s schedules. There are a lot of people and we need everyone back in the room. We will have to find a way to get it done.

LRM: Awesome. I have one last question for you guys. After THE HANGOVER, 21 & OVER, BAD MOMS and your upcoming OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, they all seem to have great party scenes in the movies. That basically tells me that you guys know how to throw great parties. So in real life, what kind of parties do you throw and how do I get invited?

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore: [Laughter]

Jon Lucas: Yes, send us your e-mail. [Laughter] My parties usually involve my wife and a couple of friends with a bottle of wine. They’re not nearly the way they are on screen. For me, I end up writing as a wish fulfillment on what I wished my parties are like or what I wished my life was like. I’m a pretty boring guy.

LRM: So…..

Jon Lucas: You’re welcome to come to my parties anyways.

LRM: I’ll shoot you an e-mail. Maybe I’ll be the one climbing on top of the roof and jump into the swimming pool after a bottle of wine. [Laughter] Thank you very much for this conversation. Good luck on your future projects.

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore: Thanks. We appreciate it.

BAD MOMS 2 is currently out on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download today.

Source: Exclusive for LRM

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