– by Joseph Jammer Medina

This coming weekend, Netflix is releasing the Noomi Rapace-starring film Close, which tells the story of a bodyguard helping to protect a wealthy heiress from a band of highly-skilled kidnappers. Along the way, these two characters who couldn’t be more different learn to understand each other and even become friends.

But is this the kind of movie that’s conducive to sequels? It’s honestly not really an idea that crossed my mind. However, the main character, Sam, has a whole lot of emotional baggage, and when asked about potentially exploring all that in a future film by LRM‘s own Nancy Tapia, writer-director Vicky Jewson answered in the affirmative.

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“There could be. [Bodyguard and the film’s inspiration Jacquie Davis’ wrote] a book called The Circuit, which is about her life as a bodyguard, and, for sure, when I first met Jacquie, she had so many stories. It was like I heard nine movies in just an hour talking to her, so in a way, we had to be quite disciplined to just select event. So, we have the material, and I would definitely be interested in doing more stories in that world.”

Assuming the movie does well enough, this could be something they do. Netflix, while great at producing tons of movies, doesn’t have much in the way of film franchises, and something like this really could help scratch the action-thriller itch. Give us an ongoing character and you have a regular action hero in the making, especially with Rapace playing the character.

But, of course, it’ll all rest on how this one performs. If it does, I’m sure Netflix will be happy they’ve invested in a potential franchise with tons of stories to tell.

Would you be interested in seeing many stories about this bodyguard? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Also, keep an eye out for our full interview with Jewson later today!

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