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LRM is happy to announce for all of our readers on iOS devices you will now be able to get all of you LRM news through Apple News.  Back in June of 2015 Apple released an all new app that collects all the stories you want to read from different news outlets in one place.  With the Apple News App you no longer need to download multiple news apps and switch back and forth between apps or websites.  Over the past year Apple has grown the number of news outlets that are featured on the app.  Now all of LRM’s stories will be published on Apple News so that you can keep up with all the breaking scoops and news.

For those of you have not downloaded the News App to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod go and do that now.  When you are in the News App make sure to search LRM Online and add it to your favorites and news feed.

Apple News collects all the stories you want to read — so you no longer need to move from app to app to stay informed. And with a completely reimagined For You tab, it’s easier than ever to find the stories that matter most to you. News also features breaking news notifications and subscriptions to some of your favorite publications.


Source: Apple