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New York Comic-Con is a nonstop four day event with a whirlwind of comic book, film, TV and all other forms of entertainment news. The sheet magnitude of covering or hearing about everything seems daunting, so I’ve put together some of the biggest news bits I found while attending the con. Be sure to keep checking back as any other big news bytes start to pour out. For now see below on some of the biggest stories to come out!

-DC started the week with a bang, announcing the creative teams for the “Kamandi Challenge.” To celebrate Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday in 2017, they randomly paired a writer and an artist, and are telling a 12 issue story that takes Kamandi (The Last Boy on Earth!) around the globe. Some of the highlights from the announced list of creators are Walt Simonson, Dale Eaglesham and Kevin Eastman!

Wildstorm is back and Warren Ellis is heading it up. DC announced that Wildstorm will be a sub-imprint like Young Animal, and Ellis, the man who kicked off so much of the early Wildstorm stories such as Global Frequency, The Authority and Stormwatch. Ellis will be writing the flagship title, The Wild Storm. Drawing The Wild Storm is Jon Davis Hunt (currently the artist on DC Comics’ Clean Room).

-A new Batwoman book was announced spinning out of the reinvigorated and quite good Detective Comics. James Tynion IV and Marguerite Bennett write and Steve Epting draws.

– Peter David gets some heat over some disparaging remarks regarding the Romani culture. The full story can be found over on comicsbeat.com but essentially at the LGBTQ panel a fan asked David about the representation of Romani people in comics (about how typically they appear as beggars and thieves). Peter then responded about a tale regarding an experience in Romania where he saw a young boy being dragged by his parents. The boy’s legs were bent backwards, and when Peter asked his guide about the situation, his guide responded about how parents do that to their children so they gain more sympathy when begging on the street. While Peter David later did apologize for his outburst he did not recant any of his statement.

– Jonboy Meyers is officially off DC: Rebirth’s Teen Titans after one issue. The artist had done a ton of concept artwork and was apparently crucial in the development of the way the characters would be handled. No official reason other than creative differences was given for his sudden departure.

– Could there be a Netflix and Agents of SHIELD cross over? Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb was asked when SHIELD was going to take notice of all the vigilantes kicking butt in Hell’s Kitchen. He answered, saying, “Fair question. The answer is…stay tuned.”

– Perhaps it shouldn’t be any surprise, then, that Batman ’66, the series of comics that have carried on the legacy and continuity of the West series, will finally fulfill a decades-old fanboy dream when that version of the Caped Crusader teams up with Wonder Woman in January. Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 will be written by Batman ’66 writer Jeff Parker and Wonder Woman ’77 writer Marc Andreyko. Announced at the Wonder Woman 75th anniversary panel at New York Comic Con, the 12-chapter series will launch digitally November 23, releasing new chapters every other week, and will feature art from popular artists David Hahn and Karl Kesel and cover art by Michael Allred.

– A potential new blade series? At the Underworld: Blood Wars panel, actress Kate Beckinsale was asked if there is any chance for a crossover between Underworld and Blade, her response “No. We had that idea. No,” Beckinsale replied before dropping some tantalizing Blade information. “They’re busy. They’re doing something with Blade.” What could this something be? Netflix Series? Entry into Agents of SHIELD?

Deadpool the Duck will be written by Stuart Moore (Cloak and Dagger, Thanos: Death Sentence) and illustrated by Jacopo Camagni (Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars), with covers by David Nakayama.

– At the “Divided We Stand” panel, Marvel announced that Power Man and Iron Fist #10 will feature the return of Runaways villain Alex Wilder. They also announced that Thunderbolts #10 will begin the Thunderbolts 20th Anniversary celebration, with the return of the Jolt and the beginning of the “Return of the Masters” story arc. Finally, they announced that Squirrel Girl would celebrate her 25th anniversary in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #16 by crossing paths with the Hulk.

– From the “Meet Marvel @ NYCC” retailer panel at New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics announced America, a new series featuring Miss America Chavez. Marvel teased the series with a cover image drawn by Jamie McKelvie, who is associated with Chavez from his time drawing in the pages of Young Avengers.

– Marvel’s Netflix series got a slew of updates. Colleen Wing and Iron Fist have some big fight scenes coming. Deborah Ann Woll (plays Karen Page from Daredevil) will be indeed be a part of The Punisher Netflix series. Sigourney Weaver has been cast as the main villain of The Defenders series, but no character has been confirmed yet. Another Daredevil character, Madam Gao has been confirmed but this time for the new series Iron Fist!

-Arrows Marc Guggenheim states Guillermo Del Toro has an “standing invitation” regarding the famed director taking the helm on a future episode of the series (or possibly any of the Arrow-verse shows). This comes from the recent team up between Del Toro and Guggenheim for the animated Trollhunters series.

-Goldar confirmed as a villain for Power Rangers Movie.

Those are the big ones that I was able to learn about while attending the convention. If you’ve got some interesting bits of info or any thoughts on the above, sound off in the comments below!

-Jeremy Scully

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