Make A Fantastic Four Expansion For Marvel’s Avengers – What This Fan Wants From…Marvel’s Avengers

I have one request going forward for Marvel’s Avengers Developers Crystal Dynamics. Make a Fantastic Four expansion for Marvel’s Avengers. Like many of you I have been working my way through the Marvel’s Avengers game in the past week, though I must admit I’m still on the campaign. Already fans are starting to send request to developers Crystal Dynamics about what heroes they want to see next. We know that Black Panther and Kate Bishop are coming, but fans expect more characters as the game goes on.

For me, the characters I want to see most in this game as the Fantastic Four. I also think they could be very easy to implement into their own little expansion. The Fantastic Four for a start are a team of four, duh. Therefore, you are looking at a full squad of four players that could pick a different character to play through the campaign of this expansion. As for integrating these characters into the rest of the game, I think it would be fairly straightforward. The power sets of the Fantastic Four characters are so similar to others already in the game. In fact, there would only be one major difference they would have to account for. I’ll get to that below.

The Fantastic Four Power Sets

Ok, so let’s get the obvious one out the way. Mr Fantastic aka Reed Richards would essentially have the same moves as Kamala Khan. They are so alike in terms of their powers anyway that it would almost be like a Reed skin for Kamala. What about Ben, aka The Thing? Again there is an obvious comparison to Hulk. Sure, the powers up’s may need to be slightly different, but the way the character moves would be very similar. As for Johnny, well look no further than Iron Man. Flame on, The Human Torch could work very similarly to Iron Man and how he shoots and moves. Again the only difference here would be the Ultimate ability I’m thinking. The one that’s a little out there is Sue.

Sue Storm would be like creating a brand new character. I can’t think of any of the other current characters that would work similar to Sue. The ability I think most players would love, and make Sue an essential pick in harder content would be the shields she can create. This could allow Sue to trap enemies inside along with co-op players to do damage in an enclosed space. The shields Sue can use would also be handy for just healing and general protection. Sue’s invisibility would be a non-issue considering Black Widow also has abilities that can render her invisible.


It’s all set for Doctor Doom and his Doom bots surely? Doom himself could even up being a Raid villain eventually, but to introduce him in a campaign would also be awesome. Create a new area of Latveria or have him in America. His armies could be various designs of Doom Bits with some especially proficient models. Doom could also have mini-bosses either working for him, or that players encounter as part of the Fantastic Four campaign? Off the top of my head, an underground Mole Man section would be amazing, and then you have the likes of The Negative Zone?

I’d love a campaign that introduces just the Fantastic Four and their villains initially. Allowing players to discover the backstory whilst leveling up all four characters. By the time you get the campaign finished, those villains can become part of the world the other Avengers inhabit. I.e. replay FF missions with the other Avengers at harder difficulties. Ultimately we know a Raid is coming and we don’t know who the villain will be. Doctor Doom could be a second Raid added with the FF expansion though. Doom is certainly enough of a threat that you could combine a set of Avengers to take him down. Hopefully, you can see it would be pretty fun if Crystal Dynamics make a Fantastic Four expansion for Marvel’s Avengers?

Wrap It Up, Fanboy

Here is the thing, at the moment, I don’t even know if the Fantastic Four are possible? After all, strictly speaking they are not Avengers, are they? And, this is an Avengers game. If the game is popular, I can think of no reason why Crystal Dynamics would not be able to use the FF. However, there could be rights issues somewhere I am unaware of. Perhaps someone else was working on a Fantastic Four game at some time in the past? It’s little details like that which can cause problems when it comes to rights.

All I know is, the Fantastic Four would fit like a glove with Marvel’s Avengers. Marvel’s Avengers will have to develop big expansions to the game to keep the player base happy, so why not? So Crystal Dynamics, if you ever read this, make a Fantastic Four expansion for Marvel’s Avengers. That’s what this fan wants to see for the future.

What do you want to see next from Marvel’s Avengers? Leave your thoughts below as always.

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