– by Joseph Jammer Medina

In 2013, the horror film MAMA hit theaters. Probably best known for the disturbing contortionist villain, the movie had been the passion project of filmmaker Andrés Muschietti, who first produced it a short back in 2008.

MAMA told the story of two young kids who went missing the night their parents died. Five years later, they’re discovered in an abandoned cabin, alive, but in a feral state. In an attempt to re-incorporate them back into society, their uncle takes them into his home, but a strange maternal figure known by the kids as “Mama,” has her own plans.

The film was the best type of horror horror. The jump scares were minimal, and it relied mostly on the characters and story, rather than cheap scare tactics. Sure, it used more CG than it should have, but it’s a small complaint in an otherwise great horror flick.

THR is now reporting that a sequel to the cult hit is now in development. According to the outlet, Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, the writer/director duo responsible for the 2014 horror film STARRY EYES, are in negotiations to rewrite and direct MAMA 2. Given how the first film ended, one has to wonder just how these two plan to continue the story.

However, you’re expecting to follow any of the characters from that first movie, you may be disappointed, as TheWrap has reported that actress Jessica Chastain was not expected to return to the sequel. This would indicate that the film will feature a whole new cast of characters, though it’s not like she’s the only one who could come back. But how do they expect to use the character of Mama? That remains to be seen.

Take a look at the trailer for STARRY EYES, if you want to see what else the directors have done.

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