– by Campbell Clark

Mark Hamill is never one to hold back, he has been very vocal about what he thinks with regards to Star Wars and famously he had some serious doubts about the direction Rian Johnson wanted to take Luke in The Last Jedi.

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If you read LRM regularly you will know that there are some of us who liked The Last Jedi and some of us who hated it. I was one of the ones who hated it. One of my main criticisms of the Disney Star Wars films so far as they don’t feel like a trilogy to me, or what I am looking for in a trilogy. Personally I want to see one story told across three movies with a beginning, a middle and an end.

It turns out that Mark Hamill also notes this does not seem to be the approach taken by Disney for the Star Wars sequel trilogy so far. Here is what the actor told IGN.

“Remember, George had an overall arc [in the original trilogy]. If he didn’t have all the details, he had sort of an overall feel for where the three were going. But this one’s more like a relay race. You run and hand the torch off to the next guy, he picks it up and goes. Rian didn’t write what happens in 9 – he was going to hand it off to, originally, Colin Trevorrow and now J.J.”

Now this is exactly for me the biggest problem with Star Wars right now, and yet I know some disagree that this truly is a problem. I feel, that before you even start rolling camera’s on the first movie of a trilogy, you must at least know who it is supposed to end. How exactly you get there can change, but you need to have an end game in mind. Could George RR Martin have written Game of Thrones without a clear idea of the end game? Could Tolkien with The Lord of the Rings? There are of course other types of stories people call a trilogy, The Godfather movies and the Indiana Jones movies for example. However, these are for me personally not true trilogies, there just happens to be two sequels (Yes I know Indiana Jones has three sequels, but I pretend otherwise).

What do you think of Hamill’s comments and my own stance that this is one of the fundamental problems of the Star Wars sequel trilogy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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