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Mark Hamill owes no one an explanation. He’s more than earned the right to say and think and feel whatever he wants, particularly when it comes to Star Wars, a franchise he helped build. Hamill’s career spans more than 40 years — and a staggering 305 acting credits — including film, television, video games, and animation. The fact that he’s still going strong at 65-years-old, and remains highly sought-after, says it all. All that said, he’s still not immune to criticism, and that’s where this story begins.

Amidst the marketing furor surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theaters, Hamill made some pointed remarks about his character, Luke Skywalker, specifically how his role in The Last Jedi contrasted with his personal expectations. Essentially, Hamill was concerned that writer-director Rian Johnson’s interpretation of Skywalker was untrue to the spirit of the character, the Force, and Jedis everywhere.

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Many fans applauded his blunt candor, which has led to countless online articles and multiple follow-up interviews with Hamill and director Rian Johnson to clarify or expand upon the comments. Considering that many fans and (and a few critics) have taken issue with the storytelling and characterization in The Last Jedi, Hamill’s words have lit a media firestorm…and he’s none too thrilled about it.

Hamill took to Twitter and issued a carefully-worded response to his fans and the world at-large:

Whether these are Hamill’s words or something assembled by the Disney-Lucasfilm PR folks is unclear. However, based on Hamill’s other comments since this matter arose, it’s evident that he regrets what has transpired.

It’s unlikely that this frenzy is going to harm the performance of The Last Jedi, which appears destined for a top-5, all-time, box office result. However, even the most ardent Star Wars fan must acknowledge that there’s more than a little truth in Hamill’s initial remarks, which are hopefully addressed in Episode IX, which will probably be Hamill’s final Star Wars film; however, let’s remember that the Star Wars universe is fluid, anything can happen!

Do you think that Mark Hamill should be apologizing for his initial Skywalker remarks or doubling-down on them? Let us know in the comments down below!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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