– by David Kozlowski

Mark Hamill owes no one an explanation. He’s more than earned the right to say and think and feel whatever he wants, particularly when it comes to Star Wars, a franchise he helped build. Hamill’s career spans more than 40 years — and a staggering 305 acting credits — including film, television, video games, and animation. The fact that he’s still going strong at 65-years-old, and remains highly sought-after, says it all. All that said, he’s still not immune to criticism, and that’s where this story begins.

Amidst the marketing furor surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theaters, Hamill made some pointed remarks about his character, Luke Skywalker, specifically how his role in The Last Jedi contrasted with his personal expectations. Essentially, Hamill was concerned that writer-director Rian Johnson’s interpretation of Skywalker was untrue to the spirit of the character, the Force, and Jedis everywhere.

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Many fans applauded his blunt candor, which has led to countless online articles and multiple follow-up interviews with Hamill and director Rian Johnson to clarify or expand upon the comments. Considering that many fans and (and a few critics) have taken issue with the storytelling and characterization in The Last Jedi, Hamill’s words have lit a media firestorm…and he’s none too thrilled about it.

Hamill took to Twitter and issued a carefully-worded response to his fans and the world at-large:

Whether these are Hamill’s words or something assembled by the Disney-Lucasfilm PR folks is unclear. However, based on Hamill’s other comments since this matter arose, it’s evident that he regrets what has transpired.

It’s unlikely that this frenzy is going to harm the performance of The Last Jedi, which appears destined for a top-5, all-time, box office result. However, even the most ardent Star Wars fan must acknowledge that there’s more than a little truth in Hamill’s initial remarks, which are hopefully addressed in Episode IX, which will probably be Hamill’s final Star Wars film; however, let’s remember that the Star Wars universe is fluid, anything can happen!

Do you think that Mark Hamill should be apologizing for his initial Skywalker remarks or doubling-down on them? Let us know in the comments down below!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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  • claudiomario

    I think he stated the truth. And perhaps we will get a better next movie for it.

    • Lenin1959

      I doubt it. Hollywood hates honesty.

    • Knight Rider

      I doubt it. The next one will be made by Abrams again, and all the creativity and hard work that Johnson put in may be wasted. Johnson added layers to the story, expanded the mythology; Abrams will give you Return of the Jedi 2.0.
      And having the screenwriter for BvS and Justice League on it does not help either.

      • claudiomario

        I feel jj did more good for the series than Johnson. He may have changed a few things but his execution was horrible and clearly hurt the franchise.

        • Knight Rider

          JJ ruined the series. Everything that’s wrong with TLJ came from TFA.

          A new Empire that came out of nowhere (unlike the first that came from the corruption of the republic)!
          Luke giving up and going into exile!
          A tantrum throwing villain!
          The Jedi Order extinct again!
          A hero with powers that serve the plot’s needs!
          A hero whose identity is made a secret for no reason (the JJ mystery box)!
          A long lost lightsaber that reappears for no reason!

          He was supposed to make Episode 7, he made what seemed like Episode 10, as a remake of Episode 4! TFA completely invalidates the struggle, sacrifices and victories of the original trilogy.

          Johnson elevated the series. He did it while having to overcome a poorly set framework.

      • Rad4Cap

        Johnson gave us Empire -2.0

        That’s what is hilarious about all this. Rian successfully TROLLED everyone into thinking he did something new when all he did was imitate Empire more SLAVISHLY than JJ imitated A New Hope. Rian simply projected Empire BACKWARDS.

      • Tonk99

        Abrams has a far greater grasp on what Star Wars is and how to manage fan expectations. Johnston is an indy filmmaker who clearly had no appreciation for the elements established in Act One (TFA) and how well they resonated with audiences and proceeded to just do his own thing and push his own agendas within Act Two. Now we have this dis-jointed mess that JJ has to clean up. I’ll GUARANTEE you the criticism of TLJ has resonated with Abrams and Lucasfilm and it WILL impact his/their approach to IX, in my view, for the better. Expect the damage Johnston did with regards to tone and narrative to be un-done by Abrams. TFA did/will make more cash than TLJ for a reason: its a better film. Disney rolled the dice on Johnston and it back-fired. They’ll want more of what JJ brings to the table than what Rian does. Ultimately its about money and if the JJ formula equals better returns then thats what you’re gonna get. And thank fuck too.

        • Knight Rider

          Abrams ruined Star Wars. He showed no respect for the 6 films that came out before.
          He diluted the rebel victory at the end of RotJ, making it seem futile.
          He brought in another Empire that was allowed to rise to such power for no apparent reason.
          He destroyed Luke’s Jedi Order without even showing it to us (Is that Episode 7, felt like we missed a few episodes).
          He brought in a hero with as uselessly mysterious backstory (classic JJ) who acquires skills and powers as per the plot’s convenience.

          TFA is not a good film. TLJ is vastly superior. JJ ruined Star Trek, and then he ruined Star Wars too. Because he’s just a fan boy who writes fan fiction.

          • Tonk99

            Lucas has never said he liked TLJ. Saying that a film is ‘beautifully made’ is a subtle, diplomatic, non-committal comment that avoids controversy. You do know that Lawrence Kasdan wrote TFA, yeah? The guy who wrote Empire and Jedi. I don’t think TFA un-did any of his work and the First Order was obviously born out of the remnants of the Empire and only reaching its peak as Ep7 starts. Frankly I’d rather jump on board the Kasdan/Abrams train than the Johnston one because that train is bound to steam off a cliff into a turgid swamp of hipster wankery and SJW bullshit.

  • JustAnotherOpinion

    There’s no need for him to apologize. He said the truth.

    • Knight Rider

      He should apologize. In any business, it’s unprofessional to criticize your team in public, especially after all the hard work they put into it.
      He didn’t say the truth; that’s only his opinion. It was unnecessary.

      • Lenin1959

        He just should have read the screenplay before signing to contribute to Disney Wars. Then it would have become a question of honor and belief: take the money, shoot the movie, smile and promote it, or don’t take the money and tell the fans that he did not want to contribute to this movie. But it just is not that easy: he would never get another big job in Hollywood again. Ever. It has been a lose-lose situation for Mark Hamill.

        • Brafdorf

          He’s done just fine for himself

          • Lenin1959

            For himself? Absolutely. The paycheck won’t lie about the truth behind the new sequel trilogy: Darth Pecunia is the master in a galaxy far far away and right here, too. Immortal, invincible, and deadlier than the strongest Sith before him.

          • Kindofabigdeal

            Don’t these guys know the legend of Dath Caine. I thought not, it’s not a story that the Mouse would tell you. Darth Caine was a fine actor with a number of projects under his belt, yet this didn’t stop him from starring in a Jaws movie that paid for his new house.

          • Lenin1959

            Darth Caine? I remember something about a mutiny and Caine… Hm… Oh wait, that was something with better actors and a very good screenplay.

        • Knight Rider

          To be fair, he signed a contract before the screenplay was ever written.

          It’s not a question of money. He genuinely loves the saga and the character. He’s also very loyal to his fans in general.

          He was given the chance of playing a character he loved playing with people that he loves; of course he said yes. And he gave a terrific performance, especially at the end of the movie.

          It didn’t turned out the way he wanted, sadly for him, but he should not have made it public. He should have known better.

          I said that he was right to apologize, because he made a mistake. He’s still one of the most awesome people in Hollywood.

          • Lenin1959

            I won’t throw bantha poodoo at Mark Hamill. But taking the sweet, sweet money and apologies later? Hm… Awkward. It is like he is trying to be carefully honest – like a politician. Then again, he would risk his career by being totally honest, so… It’s difficult. There is no “correct” solution to the problem, it is about getting poor and honest or rich and… diplomatic. Whatever, I am out of Disney’s Nu Wars anyway. Honestly? I would have taken the money and shut up. In the end, you got to put food on your family’s table and he did not commit a crime to do so.

          • Knight Rider

            People need to stop with the “actors want money” argument. It’s ridiculous!

            Most people get into the film industry because they love it, not for the money. Because we know chances are we’ll be broke and not make much throughout our career.

            And actors like Hamill get enough in royalties to never have to work again. They don’t need the “sweet sweet money”! They don’t even know what to do with what they already have.

          • Lenin1959

            No, actors don’t want money. sure.

            BWAHAHAHA! Dude, really? REALLY?! No, actors and their families don’t need food on the table, health insurance, a car, a house and and and… Hilarious.

          • Knight Rider

            It’s not that they don’t want money. It’s that they are not driven by it. And, as I said, actors like Hamill, don’t NEED it.

      • JustAnotherOpinion

        I think it was necessary. He was honest about how he feels. I agree with him.

        As previously stated on this thread, he didn’t sign on with Disney. He signed on with Lucas. If he’d known Lucas was going to sell to Disney and the misdirection Disney was going with his character, I’m sure he NEVER would’ve signed on!

        He has a right to vent the truth as he and no doubt Lucas would see it.

        • Knight Rider

          You think that was not hard work???!!! You may not like the movie, but if you think that wasn’t hard work, you know NOTHING about filmmaking.

          Vent the truth? What truth? There’s a difference between the truth and your opinion.

          And you really think that Lucas would have done a better job? The guy who added Jar Jar and bouncy Yoda to the saga?

          And he knew Lucas was selling it to Disney. Lucas told him before he signed. because he did not sign with Lucas. He could not sign with Lucas.

          He DOES have the right to vent; it’s just unprofessional.

          • JustAnotherOpinion

            Dude, Jar Jar is more of a villain than Emo Ben Solo. LOL.

            You guys can’t get over it. Even when Lucas screws up he does a better job of drawing emotion from fans than this current group.

            Believe me, 10-15 years from now, Emo Ben Solo will be about as memorable and regarded just as high as as little Anakin in TPM. LOL.

          • Knight Rider

            I don’t disagree. What I’m saying is that you don’t trash talk the people you work with in public, and that filmmaking is hard work. Even TPM took hard work from the people working on it.

        • Aaron James

          Whatever version of episodes 7, 8 and 9 might have been made had Lucas retained control of the franchise, I can guarantee you they would have been orders of magnitude worse than TFA and TLJ.

          Mark Hamill probably has a relationship with Lucas. They’re probably friends. And it’s possible that Hamill is privy to Lucas’ original plans for episodes 7, 8 and 9, in which Luke Skywalker was much more of a hero. And maybe that appealed to him, personally, more.

          But we’ve all seen the prequels. We know how terrible they are. Whether or not the Lucas-sequels would have made Luke out to be an unambiguous awesome person, they still would have been bad movies.

          (I immediately discount the opinions of anyone who tries to claim that the Disney Star Wars movies are “worse than the prequels”. Either they’re being hyperbolic, in which case they’re not contributing anything constructive to the argument, or they actually like the prequels, in which case they have terrible taste and so whatever they have to say is moot.)

          • JustAnotherOpinion

            You can’t “guarantee” anything. For all we know, Lucas may have learned from his mistakes with the prequels.

            What I do know is that Darth Maul was more menacing and bad@ss than Emo Ben Solo on his best day. Same for Palpatine and Dooku.

            What we can be assured of is that Lucas wouldn’t have made a New Hope (remix) or The Empire Strikes Back with anti-climatic answers to so-called big reveals.

            Even if I concede to you the movies would have been crap, they’d be original crap. Unlike the crap we currently have.

          • Aaron James

            You’re right, I can’t actually guarantee anything. But the evidence is strongly in favour of Lucas producing crap.

            I think the people complaining that “Emo Ben Solo” isn’t menacing enough are missing the point. He’s not supposed to be menacing. He’s supposed to be emo. He’s a much, much more interesting character than Darth Maul.

            As to the big reveals, can you explain to me what any big reveal would have added to the story?

            If you look at the OT, Luke discovering that Vader is his father is a big reveal, and it changes the story significantly. Luke spends RotJ determined to save Vader, while also wondering how much like his father he is, and struggling with the Dark Side himself. It’s a big reveal with an impact.

            So, what impact would it have had if Rey found out she was secretly a Skywalker? Or a Kenobi? Or a female clone of Palpatine or Anakin reincarnated by the Force or whatever? There were only two possible outcomes to a big reveal about Rey: 1. She discovers she’s actually one of the good guys, is happy about it, and…keeps doing what she’d doing. 2. She discovers she’s actually one of the bad guys, rejects the notion, and…keeps doing what she’s doing.

            What about Snoke? What possible reveal about him could there have been that would have had any impact on the story whatsoever? No matter which way you cut it, he’s just a bad dude. Personally, I think it was dumb of TFA to make his identity a mystery in the first place. No matter what, he’s just the bad guy.

          • JustAnotherOpinion

            You just answered your own question. It was dumb for TFA to make Snoke and Rey’s identity’s a mystery but Disney gave the green light.

            So, I don’t know why you’re trying so hard to defend against the obvious criticism directed at TLJ for how it was handled.

            They screwed up. Just acknowledge it and move on. They opened themselves up to criticism for the mistake.

            Emo isn’t interesting . He started off as a wannabe Vader who threw temper tantrums throughout TFA. He meets a mysterious girl, a nobody we find out, who’s stronger with the force than he is although he’s a Solo/Skywalker.

            Now Emo has taken control of the first order but why am I suppose to believe Rey won’t beat him AGAIN? What so interesting about a weak villain who’s not the equal of the hero?

            It’s not my opinion, it’s been played out in the last two movies.

            It doesn’t matter the genre, when conflict arises between good and evil, good needs a worthy adversary and vice versa.

            This series has epically failed in that!

            And the evidence suggests with JJ back at the helm , he’s going to end the saga with so many plot holes and WT.. moments, people will wish Lucas had directed 7-9.

  • secretAGENTman

    Disney legal has had a ‘conversation’ with him or his management.

    Oh, well.

    • Ian Finnimore

      #knock knock #
      Goon: “Mr Hamill .. Mr Mouse has a message for you”
      Goon : “shut ..it”

      • Kindofabigdeal

        I was picturing this like that scene in Ninja Turtles where April asked the Foot Soldier if she was behind in her Sony payments again.

    • Rad4Cap

      He found a Tauntaun head in his bed.

  • Aaron James

    Here’s what I think: I think Hamill is a great guy. I think he had misgivings about the direction Johnson took the character in, and said so. I think any push-pull that existed between him and Johnson resulted in him putting in the performance of his career. And I think he’s honest in regretting publicly talking about his misgivings, whether or not Disney PR asked him to. Why? Because I would feel exactly that way if I were him.

    I just saw TLJ for a second time at the cinema. I actually went in with a little trepidation. Maybe this time I would see all the issues that everyone here has been claiming makes it the worst Star Wars ever, and I’d walk out hating it.

    So, having seen it again, here’s what I have to say:


    Holy shit. I’m actually angry at you now. Before, I was just surprised. I walked out of my first screening of TLJ having loved it, and was taken aback by the vitriol I found on the internet. I argued my interpretation of the movie in good faith, assuming that people who hated the movie had their own interpretation, or had missed something that I’d caught. But whether or not Hamill is having his arm twisted by Disney PR now, he’s right. This is a great movie, and you’re all actively fighting against your own best interests by shitting all over it.

    My only conclusion is that you don’t know what you want. And if you get what you claim you want, you’ll be disappointed. Maybe not screaming your screams of fanboy entitlement, as you are now, but you’ll get to watch the Star Wars franchise atrophy and die. I really hope that one day, when TLJ has settled into its place within the canon, you’ll be able to watch it again and see it for what it is, rather than what it isn’t.

    • syambo87

      LOVE THE LAST JEDI!!! I understand the disappointment of many for going in and the movie being a complete failure to meet people’s expectations… but go in without expectations and being able to accept it for what it is… it was exhilarating… my fandom is now rekindled and i cant wait to see the next one…

      • Triple M

        It’s not about expectations, its about an existing franchise.
        If you don’t want people to ” expect ” anything, don’t buy an existing franchise.

        It’s not rocket science

        • syambo87

          people are putting expectations in terms of plot points…

          People expect a back story to Rey.. why is she so powerful… is she related to a Jedi?- Rian Johnson makes it so that it doesnt matter where you are from but what matters is what you do at the present moment… Ben is the Son of the Rebel Leader and the Pilot of the Millenium Falcon and the Nephew to a Jedi Master… Ben didn’t turn out so good… and Rey’s parents were..meh… and she turned out well…

          all Jedi’s don’t come from a family of Jedi because they’re not suppose to marry… they are children who are discovered to have special abilities in manipulating the force…

          how do you tell a story if everyone wants the story to be told in this way or that… some of the best tv soaps and dramas take characters into unexpected directions… like “Friends” when they revealed Monica was with Chandler… or when Ross and Rachel get married drunk in Vegas… How I met your mother.. some of the shows i like… its entertainment

          • Triple M

            Wrong. No one ever said that you had to be a Skywalker to be a Jedi.
            Was Obi Wan a Skywalker?
            Was Yoda a Skywalker?

            People don’t give a damn if her parents aren’t important, but they do care that no explanation is given for her being instantly more powerful than anyone previously, with no training.

            The expectation is for consistency, not for specific plot points.

          • Triple M

            “ People expect a back story to Rey.. why is she so powerful… is she related to a Jedi? ”

            – Or even… did she do any training whatsoever???

            “ Rian Johnson makes it so that it doesnt matter where you are from “

            – It never did. There were all sorts of Jedi, that’s simply not true.

            “ all Jedi’s don’t come from a family of Jedi because they’re not suppose to marry… they are children who are discovered to have special abilities in manipulating the force…”

            – As they always were, throughout the entire series. Expect previously, every single one of them required training.

            “ how do you tell a story if everyone wants the story to be told in this way or that “

            – No one does., you’re missing the point.

            ” some of the best tv soaps and dramas take characters into unexpected directions… like “Friends” when they revealed Monica was with Chandler… or when Ross and Rachel get married drunk in Vegas “

            – Yes, but that didn’t require undermining everything else in Friends

            ” its entertainment ”

            – In this case… no its not entertaining for anyone who cares about Star Wars.

    • Ian Finnimore

      It must be so snug & warm being a normie .. go with the group & your never going to be considered wrong ..

      TLJ as it is, exists to change Star Wars from what it was – to where this very preachy Hollywood crowd wants it to go.

      I only just saw WAR of the planet of the apes, the ending is similar to TLJ yet Cesar has not been compromised in the process so it works. Since Luke’s character is older & has been around longer his traits are even MORE established so some disagree with making him and the others failures.

      Dumbledore was treated with respect despite it being Harry’s movie, same with Bilbo baggins so why do the original SW trio get stiffed?

      Leia was a failure as a parent, sister & wife yet they tell you that she was honored during this movie … did she fix any of these .. nope ..

      Believe whatever you want & like what you please but seeing something from a different perspective is not being … Moronic.

      • Aaron James

        I have no idea what about this movie is supposed to be preachy.

        But your argument here seems to be “The arcs of the heroes from the original trilogy should have been over”. They should have remained static, you think? No mistakes. No failures. They should have just waited around, being awesome, until the next external threat came along to challenge their awesomeness?

        Here’s my theory. This movie made you (and many others) feel things that you don’t usually associate with Star Wars. It felt like a betrayal. You went in to get a dose of that magic from your youth, which TFA delivered so well, and instead you got something that challenged what Star Wars is, to you and to many others.

        I admit, I felt the same way. I walked out of the cinema the first time feeling quite melancholy, and I didn’t sleep well that night. But the more I examined what I was feeling, and the movie that had made me feel those feels, the more convinced I was that this was exactly what Star Wars needed. Because I’d had my own misgivings about Disney making new movies. They spent 4.3 billion on the franchise, but when I thought about it, that franchise was extremely limited. It might seem like an expansive universe, but its all smoke and mirrors. At its core, the original trilogy is just the Hero’s Journey, the Light and the Dark, X-Wings and TIE Fighters, and not much else. It worked brilliantly in the original trilogy, because the original trilogy was limited it scope. If Disney had churned out movie after movie that simply tried to recapture that old magic again and again and again, we’d all get bored with it. That’s what I meant about watching the franchise atrophying and dying.

        TLJ is a pivotal moment in Star Wars history. It expands what Star Wars can be, it examines what Star Wars was, and it’s a great adventure film to boot. It’s the kind of film I didn’t think a Star Wars movie could be. That it did so by giving the original heroes failures that they could learn from isn’t a flaw in the movie. Any basic writing class will teach you that.

        And to finish, perhaps you don’t remember, but in the last Harry Potter story we learn that Dumbledore wasn’t always the kind, wise badass he made himself out to be. He had a past in which he’d made some pretty terrible mistakes, which he’d had to learn hard lessons from. And he also knowingly set Harry up to die.
        And in Lord of the Rings, Bilbo is in the thrall of the Ring. He’s halfway to becoming another Gollum.
        Neither of those characters is depicted as an unblemished hero. And they’re better characters for it.

      • Aaron James

        Ugh, another comment detected as spam. Does anyone know what triggers that?

        Here’s the more succinct version:

        Dumbliedore, if you’ve forgotten, is revealed to have had a pretty shady past in the 7th Harry Potter story. He made terrible mistakes, had toxic beliefs, and had to learn some very hard lessons to become the wise old man we see. And even then, he sets Harry up to die. He enacts a horrifying plan, which will cause the death of a child, because he thinks its worth it to kill Voldemort.

        Bilbo, in Lord of the Rings, is in the thrall of the One Ring. He’s halfway to becoming the next Gollum. And even after the ring is destroyed, he still pines hopelessly for it.

        Neither character is depicted as an unblemished hero.

    • Lenin1959

      You know, saying that people who don’t like the movie are “fucking morons” who are “all actively fighting against” their “own best interest by shitting all over” the movie is not reasoning, but shouting with foam at your mouth. Just like you say the people who don’t like the movie do. Which is very, very hilarious.
      Enjoy it, others don’t. It’s that easy. Maybe try to be better than those people by just not being like them yourself?

      • Aaron James

        This is a fair criticism, and I’ll cop to that.

        • Fetid Tuna

          you are a cuck, not criticism, more of a psychological fact.

    • JustAnotherOpinion

      Aaron James. You’re free to think Emo Ben Solo, hermit Luke, Rey, etc. are great and the movie was fantastic. You have every right to think people who disagree with you are morons.

      I have every right to feel Hamill was right, the movie was terrible and self righteous people like you are morons.

      The original trilogy was made in the late 70’s and early 80’s. A lot has changed in our society regarding what’s considered a good villain, story, etc. so I look at this craptacular movie as merely a sign of the times.


  • Tonk99

    Hamill is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Fans love him for his openess, approachability and honesty. But it appears those admirable traits have got him into a little troub with Lucasfilm. He’s gotta backtrack a little to put out the fire he’s lit. When IX is done, I’m sure he’ll properly open up about what he really thinks. I think the absence of Lucas has him re-assessing his loyalty to Star Wars.

  • Kronx

    It’s getting to the point where I’d rather talk politics than TLJ.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      If only we could get Kylo Pence to activate his saber and strike down Supreme Leader Trump.

  • Brafdorf

    what’d people want from a 65 year old Luke anyways
    It’s too late to get some bad ass fight scene.

    The old cast was always meant to simply introduce a new generation. Not relive everyone’s nostalgia
    Even Hamill sounded like he didn’t understand his place this whole time.
    He’s sounded egotistical in all these interviews.

    • claudiomario

      Not true. He cared about his character. He undetstood the character better than johnson. Also an old jedi master would have been incredible.

      • Brafdorf

        Throughout the series old masters always die.
        As Yoda professes about Masters always being surpassed

        • claudiomario

          Why are masters masters. Why is luke special. What makes his abilities unmatchable. We never ever saw this. Sad.

          • Brafdorf

            You already saw what made him special in the original films.

          • claudiomario

            That was just the beginning of his studies. No way he tapped fully at that early on.

  • Vector

    So, looks like Mickey threatened a kneecapping.

  • Rad4Cap

    “Mark Hamill Covers His Butt Regarding His Skywalker Comments”

    There. FIFY.

  • ghostofmurrayhamilton

    Mark Hamill had every right to voice his opinion. He must have been incredibly frustrated with his experience on The Force Awakens, and on top of that not be allowed to be anything except a grumpy, scared old man in Last Jedi? He’s Luke Fucking Skywalker.

    And to have that shot of the submerged X-Wing fighter (which obviously makes you think of the x-wing in Empire being raised out of the swamp) only to cheat the audience by showing that Luke just used a Jedi mind trick to trick Kylo Ren was just a shitty joke on the fans. Did it show that Luke was powerful? Sure, I guess. But it would have been WAAAAAY more satisfying (and better storytelling), if he had been there in person. And then sacrificed himself like Kenobi.

    It also would have been more satisfying if JJ had done his job in the first place and reunited Ford, Fisher and Hamill in the Force Awakens. Now Solo is dead, Leia is dead and Luke is dead.

    I waited thirty five years for this? Garbage.

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