– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Mark Millar is enjoying a prolonged moment in the sun these days, with a hit adaptation of Kingsman: The Secret Service and Marvel Studios announcing it’ll be adapting his book Civil War for its third Captain America movie. Millar has become somewhat of a Hollywood staple in recent years, thanks to successful big-screen takes of his works like Kick-Ass and Wanted, so he was recently asked to give his opinion on what Marvel’s got cooking with Civil War on the horizon and Spider-Man now in the mix.

You can view the video of his comments here:


  • When he writes his comic books, he doesn’t think about the potential movies they could end up being. Even when he’s writing sequels to stuff that has all ready been adapted
  • He’s not involved with the Civil War movie- “It’s theirs to play with.”
  • When he came up with the African-American Nick Fury, he envisioned Morgan Freeman, not Samuel L. Jackson, but the artist he was working with went with Jackson
  • Jackson is surprisingly old
  • Spider-Man was only in the Civil War book for 6 pages
  • He was “baffled by the last two Spider-Man films”
  • He thinks Marvel will hit a homerun with Spider-Man because he’s the Holy Grail
  • Millar says that Iron Man 2 and Thor: The Dark World weren’t very good
  • He doesn’t think Marvel “can do no wrong,” but he thinks they’ll put their best foot forward now that Spider-Man is “back home”
  • Writing the Civil War books was horrendously difficult, a nightmare, “like passing a very difficult stool”


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