– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Comedian-Actor Martin Lawrence appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and offered up an update on Bad Boys For Life. The Bad Boys flicks were both big hits when they came out, and arguably the best thing Lawrence has been a part of. As such, Lawrence acknowledged that it’s the thing he gets asked about the most, and so he was more than happy to offer fans an update.

When asked about the most frequent question he gets from fans, without hesitation, Lawrence told Kimmel, “The most is, ‘When are we going to do another Bad Boys?‘”

So, when are you going to do another Bad Boys, Mr. Lawrence? After all, we heard back in August that writer-director Joe Carnahan was champing at the bit to get the film going.

Back then, Carnahan indicated that the script for Bad Boys For Life was getting really close to finalized, but that the main obstacle was getting the stars to align so that the entire cast can be together at the same time. Lawrence echoed that on Jimmy Kimmel Live, while revealing when production is tentatively set to begin.

We’re looking towards maybe March,” Lawrence revealed. “So hopefully it may happen if we can get everybody together at the same time.” Of course, the big someone that is probably the hardest to nail down- in terms of a schedule- is Will Smith. But Lawrence says that no one involved can be singled out for why Bad Boys For Life has yet to happen. “I don’t think there’s no holdout. It’s just a matter of getting the script right and everything, and just doing it at the right time.

That comment backs up Carnahan’s previous assertions that they only want to make this movie if they feel it can be as great as possible. He understands the outlook people have on threequels, and so it’s only worth it for him to do this if he feels he can do something special with the franchise. Bad Boys For Life was even delayed from its initial July 2017 release date, and moved to January of 2018, in order to give it time to be the best it can be. 

With production for the buddy action-comedy set to begin in March, that seems to put Bad Boys For Life on a good track to meet that release date. 

You excited to hear that Bad Boys For Life is finally nearing production? Think Carnahan will be able to tap into the magic that Michael Bay created with Lawrence and Smith in the first two films?

SOURCE: Comic Book

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