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While I’m often quick to point out that the whole “Marvel Vs DC” debate amongst fans is total grade school nonsense, it would appear that there are people who work on these films that feel differently. In the past, there have been swipes at one another between members of both studios. Suicide Squad director recently got himself into hot water when he publicly said “F#ck Marvel,” and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa also famously wrote those same words on a poster he signed for a fan. So maybe there really is bad blood there, right?

Well, if the recent actions of directors James Gunn (Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2) and Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) are any indication then maybe any real hostility between the two comic book titans may be on the mend.

When asked by Variety about whether or not he thought about Marvel being better than DC, the Guardians Of The Galaxy writer-director didn’t mince words:

“I just don’t find any room in my headspace for thinking my movies are superior or inferior to someone else’s. It’s such a waste of my brain space. I really just think about how can I make, for instance right now, how can I make ‘Guardians Vol. 2’ the greatest spectacle film of all time? That’s all I care about so that’s what I concentrate on. I don’t really think about Marvel versus DC. And also any time a Marvel movie comes out that isn’t as good as I wished it was or anytime a DC movie comes out that isn’t as I wished it was, I’m disappointed because I love these characters. I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics. I want them all to be good. And I also want them all to be good just for selfish purposes. Because when superhero movies are good, people go see other superhero movies. It’s not like only Marvel or only DC can make money. If they both make great movies, they’ll both help each other make money.”

Side Note: Did you see how he seemingly added credence to Chris Pratt’s recent comments about the outsized ambition of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2?

Gunn didn’t stop there. The writer-director took to twitter this weekend to share this image he found online with fans:

Here’s where the “We’re all in this together” mindset crossed over to the other side.

Wonder Woman‘s Patty Jenkins saw Gunn’s tweet and retweeted it with her own playful message:

The last bit of fun from this Marvel/DC united front came when a fan read what Jenkins wrote and then found a way to get Wonder Woman into the mix of symbols:

So even with her character getting shown some love, Jenkins didn’t wanna show any disrespect towards Spider-Man fans since it was his symbol that was ousted to make way for Wonder Woman

It’s very cool to see members from both sides of the Marvel and DC camps playing so nicely. The alternative just always comes off as so childish and unnecessary.

How about you, LRM readers? Are you ready to COEXIST? Or will the “Marvel Vs DC” battle continue to rage on in your hearts…and in our Comments sections? I can only imagine how ClownPrinceOfTrolls feels about all this…

SOURCE: Variety / Twitter

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