– by Campbell Clark

Well, it seems like it’s DC movie news today. I have already written about the Wonder Woman sequel Wonder Woman 1984 and we also heard about a rumoured start date for the Flash movie as well, you can check up on that last one in the related section below.

Now we have more than a rumor that Matt Reeves The Batman (which we don’t expect to be the real title) will be filming by the close of this year. I had been wondering aloud about why this didn’t seem to be going anywhere and how slow the development process seemed to be. I guess we can call this a hard fact since this came from Matt Reeves himself on social media, check it out.

So maybe The Batman or whatever it ends up being called really will surprise me and end up being released in 2021 after all. I would expect James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad to be first film out the gate for DC in 2021 as it appears to be the farthest along. We have already heard many rumoured and some confirmed castings for that movie. In contrast we have heard virtually nothing about The Batman other than the fact Ben Affleck would not be playing Batman in the movie.

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I’ll guess that if Flash, The Suicide Squad and The Batman are all due out in 2021, then anything else currently on DC’s plan will drop back into 2022 at the earliest, next year we have Joker, Wonder Woman 1984, and that new Harley Quinn movie I won’t type out, we’ll just use Bird of Prey.

Far as I can tell there are no other DC movies that could get a release in 2020 unless they really haul ass with The Suicide Squad. So it looks like we are getting three DC movies per year from now on and we know exactly which ones we are getting across the next two years.

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SOURCE: Matt Reeves (Via Twitter)