MCU Rumors: WandaVision To Feature Their Kids And Possible Slate For 2023 To Feature Captain Marvel 2?

The MCU is moving into new territory and therefore the old rules about what we might expect to appear in theaters have changed. We now have to consider the Disney+ content and we still have no idea where the next team-up event might occur.

Today we have two MCU-related rumors to chew on, the first of which concerns the Disney+ show WandaVision. We know that this one is going to get a bit weird, we just don’t quite know how weird it’s going to get. Well, according to scoop site MCU Cosmic, we could have more confirmation that Wanda and Vision will have children in the show. This was something hinted at in artwork shown on the Disney+ special Expanding the Universe, but now there could be more fuel for the rumor fire. The outlet says that not only have two infants been cast, so have two eight-year-old twins codenamed Timmy and Adam. It is thought these could become Wiccan and Speed, the pair’s reincarnated children from the comics.

The common theory seems to be that these two will grow up rapidly across the series, possibly beginning as infants in the ’50s with later episodes having them grow through the ’60s and ’70s to being young adults eventually. There is no hint as yet of teenagers being cast in the role, so a lot of this does seem to be guesswork. It does, however, seem likely that WandaVision will feature the pair’s children in some capacity, we just don’t fully know the extent of that as yet.

Secondly, we have a possible 2023 MCU slate to go over and according to scooper Daniel Richtman, who has had a decent hit rate in the past. We know the Marvel movies through 2021, but as yet only one movie is confirmed for 2022 and that’s Black Panther 2. We still don’t know what the other movies for 2022 will be, but according to Richtman, we may know the slate for 2023, which he states as Blade, Captain Marvel 2, GOTG 3, and Nova, though he doesn’t appear to be as confident with that last one. Check out Richtman’s social media post below.

This could be guesswork I suppose, if you had to ask me to guess the four movies from that year, then Blade, CM2, and Guardians 3 would be immediately the three I’d predict. The fourth one, like Richtman I wouldn’t be sure of. Let me be clear though, this is just guesswork from me and I have heard nothing to indicate this is true like Richtman claims. But if this is the slate for 2023 it would hardly be much of a surprise.

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Richtman also says to watch for Spider-Man 4 somewhere, but as yet, we don’t even have any confirmation that a fourth Spider-Man movie will happen. He also says to watch for Spider-Man to appear in Captain Marvel 2, and that this could be an adaptation of ‘Secret Invasion’. I have nothing to comment about that, it’s certainly possible and one thing lacking right now from the upcoming MCU slate is a blockbuster team-up movie, so maybe this could work? The only other team-up we have confirmed is the fact that Scarlet Witch is set to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which should follow directly on narratively from WandaVision we have heard. Richtman also did say he heard Deadpool 3 was still in the mix for 2022, but we still don’t know how that will be presented, within the four MCU movies for that year, or under the Fox banner since it’s likely to be R Rated?

What do you think if these latest rumors, do you want to see Wiccan and Speed introduced to the MCU, do you like the idea of this slate for 2023? Share if you care in the usual spot below.

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SOURCE: Daniel Richtman (via Twitter), MCU Cosmic

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