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British newspaper TheSun is reporting that Mission: Impossible 5 is preparing to go where no film has gone before! According to them, M:I 5 will be the first film ever allowed to film within England’s Houses of Parliament. 

Their source says, “MI5 will feature numerous well-known locations in London but the Houses of Parliament is clearly the biggest coup. Tom Cruise will obviously feature heavily in the scenes.” They also add, “You can imagine the writers are excited about what stints they could pull off inside the Commons.” They’ll also be filming in other major landmarks in London like the Olympic Stadium, and The Shard.

Guess there are still perks to having Tom Cruise be the star of your film. 

And I’ve got to tell you: I enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow so much that I have an all-new level of interest in this fourth Mission: Impossible sequel. Hopefully Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie (who co-wrote Edge of Tomorrow and is directing this movie) can carry over their EoT mojo into this film. 

If you haven’t seen Edge of Tomorrow, then you have missed out on the coolest surprise of the summer! Go! NOW! It’s my birthday. That’s, like, a holiday. Tell your boss. They’ll understand. Go see it, and tell me on Twitter what you thought of it.