– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Michael B. Jordan has been riding quite a wave these last few years. The actor, whose first big break was a recurring role in the first season of the revered HBO series “The Wire,” has been on the tip of the industry’s tongue ever since his star-making turn in Ryan Coogler’s FRUITVALE STATION. That film, and CHRONICLE before it, cemented the actor as someone to look out for. Suddenly, he landed roles in several blockbuster films: FANTASTIC FOUR, CREED, and BLACK PANTHER.

His budding star power helped him to survive the bomb that FF turned out to be, and his starring role in Coogler’s CREED later that same year ensured that no one even remembered he was in the notorious flop. With the turbulent 2015 now behind him, all eyes are now on his work in BLACK PANTHER. The Marvel film will mark the third time Jordan has worked with Coogler, and the first time he’ll play a villain in one of the director’s films. 

Jordan knows he’ll be entering uncharted territory when he takes on the role of Erik Killmonger in BLACK PANTHER, and it’s a challenge he sounds excited to tackle. “My only hesitation was thinking about playing a villain,” Jordon told MTV. “It was always something that I wanted to do- play something completely different than any other character I’ve played before- and, under the right circumstances, this being it, I feel safe. I feel safe to take those risks. Take those chances.” So it sounds like he feels safe diving into this new realm because he trusts Coogler and the material he’s been presented. 

Killmonger, whose real name is N’Jadaka, is a formidable warrior. His abilities include being in peak physical shape, having a genius level intellect, and being an expert martial artist. In the comics, he’s able to go toe-to-toe with T’Challa’s Black Panther

While chatting with MTV, Jordan also dropped a brief tidbit on CREED 2. When asked about the sequel, Jordan said, “Nothing to really report. It’s something that- for sure- we’re always thinking about, and talking about. It’s going to eventually happen. We just don’t know when.


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