– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I have to admit something: Minecraft has gone over my head and under my radar.

I know the game has become quite craze in recent years, and I see merchandise for it everywhere. I know it’s insanely popular, and I hear it’s a lot of fun. I, personally, have no experience with the game itself or how it works. So I’ll share this news with you as someone who’s a total Minecraft noob.

Variety is reporting that Steve Carell (40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, Evan Almighty) is close to signing a deal to star in the film adaptation of Minecraft.

My initial response to hearing there’s even a Minecraft movie is a big shrug. But as I peer at the talent involved, and make inferences as to what kind of movie it will be, I become increasingly curious. 

If Carell signs on, that’s pretty great. Carell, who’s been relatively quiet on the comedy front since leaving NBC’s hit The Office, has been somewhat nondescript these last few years. Outside of lending his voice to the Despicable Me franchise, and appearing in a couple of more serious films (Foxcatcher, The Big Short), Carell has seemingly been trying to avoid the limelight. But make no mistake about it, he’s a huge talent. With the right combination of material and the wiggle room to create his own comic moments, Carell brings the magic in a big way.

Then there’s Rob McElhenney, who’s directing and co-writing the project. McElhenney is best known for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. That show’s his baby. He co-created it, he writes for it, he directs for it, and he stars in it. It’s a favorite of mine, and it’s about to come back for its twelfth season. He co-wrote the Minecraft script alongside Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman).

The Office and It’s Always Sunny are two of my favorite sitcoms ever, so the idea of Carell starring in a movie being written and directed by McElhenney makes me pretty damn excited. Even if it’s Minecraft.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this and, if you’re a fan of these guys, you should, too.

SOURCE: Variety

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