Mithril Change Explained By Rings Of Power Showrunners

the Dwarven character Narvi is to appear in The Rings of Power Season 2

The mithril change is explained by Rings of Power showrunners Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne in a recent interview. Thought the pair do also tease that the change may not be the way they’ve thus far painted it when they talked to Vulture recently.

If you’ve seen the sow you’ll know a new history of mithril was invented which seemed to connect the precious metal to one of the Simaril’s of legend.

J.D. Payne:

“We knew the rings needed to have a special power to them. Some of that could be in what Sauron inculcates from the unseen world and what Celebrimbor is able to do in terms of beauty. But we thought it could be interesting to play with the kind of power they have. What if there’s a grand unification theory that could connect the light of the Two Trees of Valinor, which went into the Silmarils, to the rings? The Three Elven rings were at least partially made of mithril; what if there’s something in mithril that could connect to the Silmarils? What if the Silmaril that went into the earth was connected through the roots of a tree that could become mithril? It was a way to connect many parts of the canon, including the elves fading, in a way that incorporated other parts of the legendarium.”

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I’ll be honest and I say I didn’t like this change. The speed of the Elves fading feels far too rushed for one. Also the mithril story of evil and light mixing to make something stronger? It doesn’t for me fit with Tolkien’s view of evil. However, perhaps there is more to it and the story may not in fact be true after all? That was my hope until the Season finale, then that faded. Though co-showrunner Patrick McKay still leaves some hope open for me, damn him.

Patrick McKay:

“But also, we know Elrond is a lore master, and he is aware of this tale. He says in that fifth episode that it’s apocryphal. I would trust his read on a piece of lore. Mithril is unusual in Middle-earth. It’s Tolkien’s vibranium, or adamantium, or like the one in Avatar, unobtainium. We know from canon that mithril is in at least one of the rings, Galadriel’s ring. We felt there were possibilities to hint that maybe there’s a little more to it — but maybe not.”

I don’t like unobtainium, and this isn’t a comic book. Mithril was an idea that came out before any of those mentioned. I’m just not sure it should be handled this way. However, here we are.

What do you think of this as the mithril change is explained by Rings of Power showrunners Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne.

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