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Those who have been following the film industry know that Aaron Sorkin is no new newbie to this world of filmmaking. He’s been penning classic films for decades, and his television shows The West Wing and The Newsroom have a rabid fan base. It’s now, after all this time, that audiences finally get to see what Sorkin has to offer as a director.

Speaking with Screen Rant, actors Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain, who starred in Sorkin’s directorial debut, Molly’s Game, praised the filmmaker’s work as a director, saying:

“Idris Elba: I think actually, he was really relaxed as a director, you know? I thought he, I actually did think he was going to be very, you know, sort of preventing about stuff from precious about the words and what not. H was very relaxed. Very open about his process I.E. Listen, I’m just doing it, and if you have an idea it’s a collaborative process. He’s very good with that. I think in making the case where he’s written this work and, you know, owns it, his notes were just, I think for me, less about the writing, more about emotion and stuff, you know? He kind of trusted as actors that you know what you’re doing. You know your words. Hey, every now and again you say that comma is there for a reason but do what you want with it. And so his notes are more about who we, the characters were. He was very, very clever with the timeline because our scenes sit in the spine of the film if you like, and the movie comes back to it, so he’s very clever about where we are and just paying attention to the last time we see you in this scene and that scene you would have done and such and such, which is you know some directors a bit like that, but he was really attentive to that, you know?

Jessica Chastain: Yeah. He also loves theater so it felt in making this film like we were rehearsing for a play we’d rehearse the morning, the scene, and then all the crew would come in and they were big, long scene, you know, nine ten pages.”

This is all really great to hear. While Sorkin is by and large known as a writer, it’s refreshing that he’s so willing to collaborate when it comes to the screenwriting process. It’s very easy to become precious about what’s on the page, and truly great directors are the ones who allow input from all avenues.

It’s also cool to hear how theater-ish his directorial and rehearsal process is. Sorkin has always made his love for theater apparent, and has done plenty of work in the medium. Seeing that love transition into his film work is something that could ultimately help differentiate him from a lot of other filmmakers.

What do you think of these comments? Are you looking forward to seeing what Sorkin has to offer with Molly’s Game? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Screen Rant

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