– by Campbell Clark

There has been a lot of Star Wars rumors flying about this week for the upcoming and as yet untitled Star Wars: Episode 9. Would you like to hear some more rumors today? Well ok then.

Mild potential SPOILER warning here, judge the risk for yourself but in my opinion, there’s nothing here that’s going to spoil the story for you in any way. But I cannot decide for you!



The latest batch of rumors from Star Wars scoop site MakingStarWars doesn’t feature anything remarkable and barely enough to list these rumors as spoilers, but they are still worth sharing. Of course, we cannot speak to the validity of these claims, we can only tell you that so far MSW appears to have a decent (not perfect) hit rate, and are always worth paying attention to.

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The biggest thing here is that according to the outlets’ sources we won’t be seeing all that much of Billy Dee Williams’ Lando Calrissian. The source claims that Lando is in the movie no more than Maz Kanata was in The Last Jedi, he just acts as a conduit and then sends the leads on to somewhere else. They also claim that Williams was wearing a yellow shirt not dissimilar to the one worn by Donald Glover in Solo, though classic Lando also sports a blue cape and a gentleman’s walking cane.

The outlet also describes a scene with no context that sounds a bit weird and involved Threepio for some reason wearing Chewie’s bandolier with his bowcaster and also holding Rey’s staff she has used since The Force Awakens. Again, no context was provided to MSW, so we have no idea what this could reveal if anything.

They also claim to have seen Naomi Ackie’s character with a bow of her own, but they have no idea if it shoots lasers or not. They say she is a new rebel character and previous rumors have hinted that she could be Lando’s daughter. Though, those leaks are very sketchy at best, so don’t bank on that part, I’m not convinced. They also believe that a helmeted character they have seen could in fact be a woman and they ‘guess’ this might be Keri Russell’s character, but again, that’s not solid information, we really have no idea who Russell is playing in this picture.

They also had some details on the Black Park location shoot from last week, which I will quote in full here.

Up at Pinewood, last week at on the Paddock/tank lot there seemed to be two sets: one around the external water tank and then another set next to it. I could not see anything on the set around the tank as it looked totally boxed in. However, the set next to it was showing some dark/mid-grey stone cliffs or craggy rocks with green moss on them peaking out at the top of the set. These were the same colour as the rocks you have photos off being transported to the Black Park set earlier in the year, but with no roundness to them.

I’ve seen the pictures of this set (check the link source link at bottom of article for a look) and it definitely looks like there will be some water or underwater action going on here as it looks like they have sectioned off a piece of the river for filming and it’s low enough to my eyes to indicate perhaps underwater filming, but who can say for sure?

They finish their article off with a claim that they’ve heard from some people that have seen the teaser trailer and claimed it’s a real tear jerker, though they admit to having no context as to what makes it a tear jerker.

That’s all for now, we will continue to share any news we think is even remotely plausible. The problem we have right now, is an abundance of fake leakers appearing all over the web and using valid leaks and rumors to fill in gaps with their own fan fiction garbage. But we feel confident that if MSW are printing leaks then if nothing else they believe the information to be valid themselves. The site has a reputation of protecting their sources anonymity which seems to make them a funnel for all potential leaks right now, but remember they can also be conned by a determined faker.

What do you think of this latest batch of rumors, I’m especially interested to see what fans think of the rumor Lando will have only a small appearance in the movie? So dust off your most charming self and let us know what you think in the usual place below.

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